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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Lying Plant Labels

  Not every plant label tells the whole truth. Yet we rely on them. I’m not implying that nurseries intend to mislead consumers with false advertising. I believe they seek to provide good information so we can make informed, smart purchases. Still, labels aren’t always going to provide correct information or all of the information… Read more »

The Vine that Ate the South May Add to Atmospheric Pollution

Anyone who has farmed, gardened or just driven through the south knows what Kudzu is. It is everywhere in the South; many say it ate the south. (Don’t ask me who coined that phrase; I couldn’t tell you.) It is a non-native species that was introduced and then over-planted — all with good intentions mind… Read more »

Arborists Bringing Us Their View from the Tree Canopy

  REDIRECTED I’d love to saddle up and visit the canopy of giant trees, but I’m scared of heights, so it probably won’t ever happen. Fortunately, there are number of intrepid climbers who have brought the upper canopy vision down to earth for me in stories around the campfire from my arborist friend Katy Bigelow, … Read more »

Foraging Toxic Plants

Many gardeners & foragers are concerned about toxic plants. In fact, we get a lot of inquiries about toxic plants and other potential dangers in the garden. But, nothing has been as scary as this message from one of our clients (paraphrasing): Do you know what these plants are? My friend’s kids ate/played ‘yummy tacos’… Read more »

Plant Profile: Pachysandra Revisited

Before I met Pachysandra ‘Windcliff Fragrant’… I cringed at the idea of adding Pachysandra to most gardens. That’s because Old-school Pachysandra terminalis is the one most of us know. And it’s kind of a “been there/done that” plant to veteran gardeners. That being said, it is a fairly reliable evergreen ground cover for shade. But it… Read more »