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All about plants in and for the garden including bulbs, lawns, moss, houseplants, fungi, toxic plants, weeds, trees and more.

Pacific Native Goes Naked All Winter

Cornus nuttallii is just one of many dogwoods. The Cornus genus encompasses a fantastic array of plants that include Cornus nuttallii. But, dogwoods ranging from the minute, spreading groundcover C. canadensis to yellow & red, shrubby, twiggy C. sericea. And, the genus includes a number of trees that have been cultivated in landscapes around the… Read more »

Bamboo Garden Woes

Bamboo gardens can be truly enticing and provide all sorts of benefits. It’s that you learn how to contain bamboo roots before you plant it. With this plant you’ll create protective habitat for songbirds that’s filled with all sorts of mites and other edibles they crave. You’ll create an evergreen privacy screen, fast. You’ll enjoy… Read more »

Amaryllis Advent Redux

It’s time to pot up your winter Amaryllis garden! If you plant them now, you’ll be enjoying big, bright, colorful blooms even as the days get shorter, darker and consistently grey for winter. These aren’t bulbs you force to bloom in winter. These beauties naturally put on blossoms in winter. (And, if you move them… Read more »

A Berry Hip Garden

One of the common woes we hear from new clients isn’t that they need a super cool, cutting-edge or hip garden. Rather, they simply want something interesting going on outside their windows even in the dead of winter. While we can almost always suggest a variety of plants with evergreen foliage and flowers in our… Read more »

May Day Posies

Wondering what to grow for homegrown posies to give on May Day? Here’s a virtual posy of some of our favorites that are in full bloom, beginning to bloom or just wrapping up their bloom season by May 1st. Some of these beauties are native trees. Others are gorgeous shrubs. And, a number are naturalizing… Read more »