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Hummingbird Fledglings

Have you seen hummingbird fledglings? If hummingbirds nest in your garden, odds are you’ve seen some hummingbird fledglings. But maybe you haven’t recognized them. That’s because all hummingbirds are tiny. But the hummingbird fledglings are extra little. And they’re extra fun to experience. What are some hints that it’s a not an adult bird? If you’re looking at a… Read more »

Western Washington Native Food Forests

Last week I got a rare opportunity to take off on a last minute vacation to the mountains. It was all about fun with friends, so how could I resist? Right. I didn’t resist. I rearranged my schedule, loaded up the truck, watered the garden, grabbed my camera and dog, and I was on the… Read more »

How to Grow Birdhouse Gourds & Make Birdhouses

How to grow birdhouse gourds & make birdhouses out of gourds! It’s easy to grow birdhouse gourds. Plus, you can transform gourds into more than just bird houses. We’ll dig into growing and crafting with gourds here. What are other things to make out of this crop? Bird house gourds also make great water dippers,… Read more »

Asparagus Beetle ID & Control

Concerned You Have Asparagus Beetle? If you have an asparagus patch, keep an eye out for the highly destructive asparagus beetle in early summer. That’s because at this time, the seed pods are beginning to ripen on the tall, feathery plant fronds. And, that’s exactly where these beetles prefer to lay their eggs. So How… Read more »

Hummingbird Rescue

Have you ever had to do a hummingbird rescue? We’ve had to perform hummingbird rescue. In fact, we’ve had hummingbirds decide that our open front door was an invitation to explore inside. And, when that happens, they This happens especially in spring when they’ve been darting about just outside the door. And, in our garden… Read more »