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Hummingbirds Eat Aphids!

Hummingbirds do eat aphids & other garden pests. Hummingbirds do eat aphids. So leaving these pest insects in your garden can be a good thing. In fact, the protein in these pest bugs is an important part of many birds’ diets. Yes, aphids do damage to garden plants. But, most plants can bounce back from… Read more »

Aphids Suck – In More Ways Than One

So you want to learn how to get rid of aphids naturally? Before you set about learning how to get rid of aphids, it helps to learn more about the insects themselves. That way you can be more confident that the problem in your garden is actually aphids. Plus, by learning more about aphids, you… Read more »

Bee Preservers: Garden Art Benefits Bee Preservation

Bee preservation comes in many forms. Bee preservation is something anyone can do. And it’s not just about planting flowers. In fact, doing something as simple as offering bee waterers really helps. What’s a bee waterer? A bee waterer is basically a safe place for bees to have a drink. And that means these bee… Read more »

Attracting Birds as Beneficials

Interested in attracting birds as beneficials to your garden? Birds can be very beneficial to your garden. And this includes both wild birds and domesticated birds! All birds can help eat pest insects. Plus they might aerated your lawn. And their poop is valuable fertilizer. Moreover, they’ll sing to you and offer all sorts of… Read more »

Why I’m Jealous of a Slug that Won’t Eat My Plants

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m jealous of a slug. Actually, more accurately, I’m kind of wishing I was this slug. Okay, maybe not. But, I do wish I could photosynthesize the way plants do, and apparently there’s a sea slug that can do just that. Yep! A slug that’s taken on the… Read more »