Category: Wildlife

Quail Encounter Near Seattle

  During my childhood years in Northern California, I often encountered families of Quail scurrying through my outdoor playgrounds. We lived in what was then a remote western town with Hwy 101 running through it. Our house was on the semi-rural outskirts of town with a hillside in front of us and a forest behind… Read more »

Bye, Bye Birdie

REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 Recently, I’ve been writing about birds as beneficials. Now, I’m going to tell the tale of birds-gone bad. Fledglings I’m ready to kick out of the nest. Honestly, if they don’t leave of their own accord pdq, I may have to send the cat after them. Okay, so I’m grumpy. The weather isn’t… Read more »

Bad Company — Baby Beans & Fledgling Birds

REDIRECTED About the time bean seeds germinate and emerge from the soil, baby birds are learning to fly around the garden. And the two really don’t mix very well — assuming you hope to harvest food from those bean stalks someday. Baby birds are very cute, but they’re also randomly destructive. They peck away at… Read more »

Thyme for the Bees

We love designing gardens including thyme for bees. That’s because herbs including thyme for bees means happy bees. And thyme isn’t the only herb they love. In fact, we like to design plantings diverse in mixed woody herbs. That’s because we use them to cook year-round. Plus, they’re fragrant. And they can help beat back weeds. Plus, many are drought tolerant. And… Read more »

Wrens in the Garden

REDIRECTED We love attracting wrens to garden with us! I love snuggling up in a cozy chair by our picture window to watch wild birds like these wrens in the garden. When I first settled down with my weekend latte, a Red Flicker was pecking away at suet. Juncos were foraging below, and squirrels were… Read more »