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Beware the Devil’s Steed

REDIRECTED 2/24/2022 During a break in the rain showers, I took a quick walk through our neighborhood park. Fog settled in last night and it continues to loom and blow through in puffs of eerie ground-level clouds. It’s dim and signs of autumn are all about. The trees just turning shades of yellow and beginning… Read more »

The Relative Scale of Yuck

REDIRECTED There are few things in the garden that really gross me out. A slithering snake may make me jump. A Black Widow spider may make me “squeal like a girl”. Tiny ticks send me running in terror of Lyme Disease. But, when it comes to mixing it up with the dirty, slimy, messy, crawly… Read more »

Why & How to Fill a Frozen Bird Bath

Do you know how to fill a frozen bird bath without breaking it? When I wake up to a rock-solid frozen world as happened today, I know my winged garden visitors will appreciate it if I fill frozen bird baths for them. Sure, they’ll peck at frost covered leaves and rooftops, but there isn’t much… Read more »

Poison-free Bee Removals

Not all bee removal services use poisons. There are other options bee removal services instead of toxin-spraying exterminators. So, tere’s no need to reach for a can of toxic nastiness and attempt to spray away nuisance stinging insects. In fact, you’ll probably just get stung in the process if you try. And, you don’t have… Read more »

Snakes on a Trail

It took years before I saw a snake in Seattle. I didn’t see snakes in Seattle, Washington for my first 15 years living in the city. Despite being an avid gardener and hiker, I’d never run into a serpent in the city. Then, one day on a hike in Seattle’s large Discovery park, I sighted… Read more »