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Free Holiday Swag Lesson

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Free holiday swag lesson to DIY!

Want to save money and DIY this season? Our Free holiday swag lesson is here to help. Plus, we’ll teach you about different conifers in your garden. And we’ll make it easy for you to save money by gathering greens for your swag from your garden. And bonus: this lesson includes a helpful VIDEO!

Free holiday swag lesson features this beautiful decor

We’re giving away this class because…

It’s the season of giving! (or it least it was when we first made this available.)
If you’ve ever wanted to learn to DIY your own seasonal greenery decorations, you’ll love this lesson. In fact, it’s so simple, anyone can craft this swag. Moreover, you don’t need a bunch of special tools to trim out your home with this super simple bundle of holiday joy.

Making DIY conifer swags doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

In fact, if you have access to conifers in your garden, you can almost make one for free in just a few simple steps. Plus, if you recycle rubber bands, twist ties, and ribbon from holidays gone by, all this project will cost is just a little bit of time gathering conifer cuttings from your garden and some fun crafty time indoors.

Making this diy conifer swag project is so easy anyone can do it. It makes a great craft project to keep you and your kids busy around the holidays.

Besides a free holiday swag lesson, expect more…

In addition to teaching you how to craft a holiday swag, this lesson also teaches you about different types of conifers. So if you don’t know the difference between a pine tree and a sequoia tree branches, this lesson is for you. And you’ll find out about hemlocks (that won’t poison you the way this one will.)

Want to learn more than just how to make holiday decorations?

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After you watch the instructional video…

Find a link below to print out a list of tools and materials. This will be handy to carry with you as you gather cuttings and shop for any materials you might need.

Easy DIY Conifer Swag Tools & Materials

Print Print

wide rubber band
twist tie
garden shears or snips
measuring tape or ruler
4′ length of 2″ ribbon

Conifer cuttings:
1, 20″ branch with cones (Ours uses white pine)
2-4, 9-12″ branches with cones (Ours uses Douglas fir, sequoia, and hemlock)

2 comments on “Free Holiday Swag Lesson

  1. Ann-Marie on

    I’m not a craft person, however that looks so easy. It appears the hardest part is finding a variety of conifers with cones so thank you very much for that. I’m going to try it and if it comes out successful that will be a gift to a good friend of mine.

  2. Garden Mentors on


    Thanks so much for letting us know that this sounds like the kind of craft project you’re going to try. Mixing up different kinds of conifers makes for a really special swag, but if you can only find one or two varieties to use, that’s a-ok! Enjoy & please let us know how your project turns out!

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