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Berry Infused Booze

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Making berry infused vodka is incredibly simple…especially when your garden is abundant with ripe delicious strawberries, raspberries, or any other delicious, ripe berry. If you’re under drinking age, you are not invited to read on; just go eat a bunch of berries instead!

Garden Fresh Strawberries

Extracting the sweet taste of homegrown strawberries into vodka is simple.
And, making berry infused vodka really doesn’t require extra sugar!

For you adult garden booze hounds, there’s no way you don’t want to preserve the sweet flavor of summer with this incredibly simple method to make berry infused vodka. While many will suggest using sugar is critical to extracting the fruit’s essence into booze, we’ve found there’s really no need to pile on the sweeteners to make a tasty berry infused vodka. Freshly harvested homegrown fruit should offer plenty of flavor all on its own.

Here’s how to infuse your booze with the tasty flavor of berries from your garden. This elixir is the key ingredient for homegrown adults-only refreshment on a hot summer day — or later in winter when you’re desperate for summer’s return.

Tools & ingredients you’ll need to infuse your booze:

  • 1, 1 quart mason jar, clean with lid
  • 1-2 pints freshly picked, washed & hulled berries
  • 1 quart of vodka…(the better the vodka, the better your berry infused vodka will be)
Strawberries & Vodka

Place fresh berries into a mason jar with vodka for a few weeks to create berry-licious booze.

Add fruit to your clean mason jar. Bruise the fruity bits a little by slicing or slightly smashing them to help release the juices. Pour vodka over the berries (you’ll probably have a bit of vodka leftover). Screw on the lid. Place in fridge and resist the urge to start drinking right away.

Allow flavors to meld together for at least two weeks; we found 21 days perfect.

Tools for straining your infused booze:

  • Large, non-reactive bowl fitted with a mesh strainer lined with overlapping cheese cloth
  • Funnel
  • Pretty bottle for storing your infused booze
Steeped Strawberries straining

After a few weeks steeping in booze,
it’s time to strain out the berry solids from your infusion.

Straining infused berry vodka

After steeping, your berries may look washed out,
but all the beautiful color is now in your infused liquid.

Straining strawberries infused in Vodka

After pouring berries & liquid into cheesecloth lined strainer, cover the top well.

Pressing vodka berries to release juices

After wrapping the berries, press gently but firmly on the wrapped fruit to encourage it to release as much as possible into the bowl below.
Take care not to break or dislodge the metal strainer as you press.
(You might even wring out the cheese cloth over the bowl to get every last drop.)

Strawberry & Raspberry berry infused vodka

Store your berry infused vodka in pretty bottles like these. We keep ours in the freezer.
On the left: raspberry vodka. On the right: strawberry vodka.

Once you’ve finished steeping your berry infused vodka, check back in a couple of weeks for try whipping up our delicious sugar-free strawberry-basil vodka fizz recipe: Strasilberry Fizz. We’ll be posting it on Friday, August 8, 2014. Until then, start infusing!

2 comments on “Berry Infused Booze

  1. barbara on

    Yummy! Love berry infused vodka! I’m going to do some with blueberries since my strawberries and raspberries are already gone. Will it turn blue do you think?

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