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Easily Preserve Cherry Tomatoes

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It’s beyond easy to preserve cherry tomatoes.

In fact, when you set out to preserve cherry tomatoes there’s hardly any work involved. So, no excuses for not doing this one!

Preserve Sungold Cherry Tomatoes like these

Preserve cherry tomatoes right after you pick them off the vine.

Plan to preserve cherry tomatoes in daily batches.

  • These little bites of summer are often the first tomatoes to begin ripening.
  • And, they may last ones to ripen later in fall too.
  • So, you may find yourself gathering a pint or two everyday.
  • And, if you can’t eat them all, don’t let any go to waste.
  • Instead, keep filling up your freezer bags day by day.

What will you need to put these up for winter easily?

  • A freezer bag, preferably a zipper bag.
  • And, a marker to label the bag.
  • Plus, your cherry tomatoes.
  • And, a freezer to put them in.

And, what are the steps to freeze cherry tomatoes?

  • Harvest ripe fruits.
  • Clean & destem your cherry tomatoes.
  • Write the date & name of the crop on your freezer bag.
  • Place clean, whole fruits into a zipper freezer bag.
  • Place freezer bag of fruits in freezer.
  • And, if you don’t fill the freezer bag with your first harvest, you can add more cherries each day until the bag is full.
  • But, don’t smoosh the bag of fresh fruits into a crammed freezer.
  • That’s because they’ll turn into mush.
  • But, once they’re hard like marbles, a little smooshing is okay.
Fresh tomatoes ready to preserve

Continue to add freshly harvested, clean cherry tomatoes to your freezer bag each day during harvest – such a simple way to  preserve cherry tomatoes for winter soups, braises & stews!

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