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Strawberry Stevia Chocolate Rocket Freezer Pop Recipe

August 22, 2014
Growing strawberries or have a bag in your freezer from an earlier harvest?

Wondering what to do with the leaves from your stevia plant?

Love chocolate?

Want an easy-to-make freezer pop recipe that’s diary-free and requires no added refined sugar^ or honey?

Us too! That’s how we came to develop this recipe for tasty, frozen Strawberry Chocolate Rockets, which you could make in any kind of freezer pop mold, but the rockets are darned cute!

Strawberry Stevia Chocolate Freezer Pops

Strawberry chocolate stevia non-dairy freezer pops are a super sweet treat on a hot summer day – especially in these cute rocket molds!

Since so many of you have asked on social media, we’ve added a link to buy rocket moldsย  – and other molds – following the recipe.

Strawberry Chocolate Rocket Freezer PopsPrint Print

(makes about 6-8 treats, depending on the size of your mold.)


1 bar Theo’s 85% dark chocolate
(we like this specific chocolate becauseย  it is local in Seattle & because it has just a few ingredients, which are organic and fair trade: cocoa beans, sugar & ground vanilla bean. That’s it. Plus, it offers very low sugar to carb ratios. The nutrition facts on the wrapper indicates each bar equals two servings, each with 17g carb and 7g sugar, which means much of the carbohydrate doesn’t come from refined sugar! And for this recipe, one bar of chocolate becomes 6-8 servings instead of 2. We’ve added a link below to buy, if you’re interested)

1 can full fat, unsweetened coconut milk

2-4 pitted dates (2 if they’re big; 4 if they’re small or you have a real sweet tooth) Skip the dates & the pops still taste great with even fewer carbs!

1 vanilla bean (or 1.5 T. vanilla extract)

6-8 fresh stevia leaves (or more to taste, but remember that a little stevia goes a very long way.)

1/2 cup fresh or defrosted strawberries (yes, we’ve made them with raspberries too, and the raspberry-chocolate lovers liked them best!)

Break up chocolate into squares. Add to high powered blender along with coconut milk, pitted dates, entire vanilla bean & stevia leaves. Begin blending on low, increasing power to high. Blend until smooth; about 2-4 minutes. Be patient & get the mixture as creamy as possible. As needed, turn blender off and scrape down sides so everything fully blends and you don’t end up with clumps of coconut milk.

While chocolate mixture is blending, roughly chop strawberries.

Pour a few tablespoons of the chocolate mixture into your freezer pop mold. Drop in about 2-3 T of chopped strawberries into the mold & stir berries and chocolate together with a knife or something thin and long. Top off with more chocolate mixture to the recommended fill point on your pop mold. (It isn’t likely, but your mixture might expand while freezing, so be sure to leave some head room so it can do what it needs to do.)ย  Stir again briefly so berries are dotted throughout the pop and there are no air gaps along the sides of your mold. Insert sticks with lids.**

Place into tray. Set into freezer. Allow at least 2-3 hours for the pops to set up.

If you have extra of the chocolate mixture, put it in a sealed container in the fridge. Use the extra mixture to refill emptied pop holders another day.

When you remove your pops from the freezer, you may want to have a measuring cup filled with hot water handy. Dip the frozen mold into the hot water for couple of moments (not minutes). This will help it melt a bit on the outside, making it easier to remove the pop whole from the mold.

Enjoy…just not too fast. You don’t want this freezer pop recipe to turn into an ice cream headache maker.

**If you are using homemade freezer pop molds, you may need to fill your molds part way, stick them in the freezer until the mixture is partially frozen. Then, remove from freezer, insert your pop sticks, fill the molds the rest of the way with yumminess, and then complete the final freezing of your complete pops.

Want rocket molds, Theo’s chocolate, or another style of fun freezer pop mold? Get’m here!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout-out to Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry for her inspiring fudgsicle recipe, which prompted us to create this one. Her recipe calls for a number of processed ingredients, different proportions, an entirely different chocolate, and no berries. So it’s quite different, but still gotta give a girl her props!

^Sugar is an ingredient in Theo’s 85% chocolate.


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  2. Cat says:

    Love this idea. I have Stevia in my garden this year and have enjoyed adding it fresh. As we come into Fall do you have any experience with drying it?

  3. We have dried it, but intend to try freezing it instead this year.

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