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Verbena Blueberry Cocktail Deliciousness!

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This verbena blueberry cocktail recipe is so tasty!

Whether you grow blueberries at home or visit a U-pick, this blueberry cocktail recipe is a delicious way to enjoy them. That’s because this combination makes the most of your harvest. Plus, it includes tasty garden herbs for an added flavor boost. And you can make it as a blueberry cocktail or mocktail!

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Can you grow your own blueberry drink ingredients?

Blueberry Verbena Cooler Cocktail Blueberry plants can be small enough to grow in a pot on your deck. Or you might grow giant shrubs in a field. And in small urban gardens, it’s easy to grow plenty of berries to toss into oatmeal or snack on as you pull weeds. But you may need to visit a CSA or U-pick to gather enough berries to make jams or a big round of delicious blueberry cocktails like this one.

The good news is: we can help you learn to grow your own blueberry cocktail recipe ingredients no matter how big or small your garden is.

Getting started today with our free blueberry cocktail recipe that also includes variations for a blueberry verbena mocktail is worth grabbing. It’s a great introduction to all of the lessons we offer in many plants to grow in your garden. And, of course, we include loads of libation recipes once you’re inside too.

So get started now making your own verbena blueberry cocktail with our free recipe!

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