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Verbena Blueberry Cocktail & a U-Pick & CSA Farm Day

July 24, 2010

After a visit to nearby farmlands, we enjoyed this verbena blueberry cocktail cooler; get the recipe at the end of this post…

(Original post from July 24, 2010 updated July 24, 2014)

Blueberry Verbena Cooler Cocktail

Get our Verbena Blueberry Cocktail Recipe at the end of this post

Today I’ll be heading out to the nearby farmlands of Carnation, Washington for an annual visit to our CSA farm. After about a 45 minute drive from our home within the city limits, I’ll be standing on the rich earth that produces our local, organic produce all summer long. And, I’ll be chatting with Cathryn, the woman who owns and runs Summer Run Farm, which is one among a few that work as The Farm Girl Collective to produce the bounty we bring home – for relatively cheap – each week during summer. I love getting the chance to visit the land where so much of our food is grown, to walk the country fields on a summer day, to smell and hear the sounds of the natural creek running with cool, fresh water off the nearby Cascade Mountains. And, as an extra special treat, Cathryn puts together her open farm days when her neighbors’ U-pick blueberry farm is open for the season. That’s today!

Although I grow quite a lot of food in my own garden, including blueberries, there’s really no way I could produce enough to feed us from this lot. Well, maybe that’s not true, but as a lover of all things horticulture and as a believer in diversity, I want a few trees, shrubs, perennials and patio spaces to enjoy as well. So, my urban farming spaces have their suburban-living constraints. I can grow plenty of berries to toss into oatmeal or snack on as I weed, but I can’t produce enough to make jams or a big round of these delicious cocktails we invented last year after our U-pick visit. Although I could have purchased a flat of non-organic, relatively local berries at the market for about $8.00 yesterday or I could order pre-picked berries from the u-pick farm for about $4.25/lb, I find some satisfaction in picking my own right off the bushes, and paying $2.60/lb for my efforts. And, yes, these are local, organic berries!

Now, before I head East to the farm, I’m snipping a batch of lemon verbena and making up a simple syrup to cool. I know when we get back — all hot and dusty from the farm — my picking partner and I will be ready to relax on the patio with a cool berry-licious cocktail. And, I know this one is just the ticket! (If you’re under drinking age, you’re not invited to the following. Go enjoy some fresh blueberries instead kids!

Bobin’s Lemon Verbena Blueberry Cocktail CoolerPrint Print

  • 2oz vodka
  • 4 wedges lime
  • 1 handful fresh blueberries, plus a few on the side
  • 6 fresh lemon verbena leaves
  • 1 oz simple syrup or 6 fresh stevia leaves

Muddle lemon verbena and stevia leaves, lime wedges and handful of blueberries. Add simple syrup (if you didn’t muddle the stevia leaves). (Can be made with verbena simple syrup in lieu of muddling leaves or to add an extra lemony punch to your drink.)

Add a few cubes of ice to a cocktail glass. Pour vodka over ice. Pour simple syrup muddle mixture over vodka. Stir briefly. Garnish with a few whole berries and/or verbena leaves.

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