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Gardening Against Diabetes at NW Flower & Garden Show

January 11, 2014

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 4:15pm join Robin at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show Hood Stage for her poignant, original, and educational seminar Gardening Against Diabetes. Whether you’re seeking to grow better crops for the blood-sugar challenged or just want to learn about an array of common-to-unusual, beautiful, delicious, blood sugar-friendly edibles to grow, cook and eat, this session is for you.

Perennial Sunflower

This bright sunflower offers pollinator forage in early autumn via its abundant blooms.
Plus, come winter, this plant offers up tasty edibles as a part of the meal shown below.

In recent years, Robin’s world was rocked when a quick checkup resulted in a Type-2 Diabetes diagnosis for her beloved. Before the diagnosis, they had spent a lifetime growing fresh, organic foods. They were avid foodies and passionate locavores, supporting organic farmers and ranchers. And, their home was an active one. Despite all of this, the big “D” diagnosis meant it was time for an even larger transformation. No longer was it appropriate to grow many of the staple plant foods that had regularly filled their garden and cellar. And, it was time to clean out most pantry staples and completely re-learn eating habits and cooking methods.

Refusing to be beaten down by this disease and knowing there had to be alternatives to their first doctor’s recommendation to “take this pill & you’ll be fine,” Garden MentorsĀ® founder and family stepped off the beaten path and bushwhacked their way to better health. They began exercising more — but not by a lot. They began rigorously researching and tracking food. Much of their pantry, cellar, and garden was cleared out and donated to others. And, as their diet and taste for foods changed, so too did Robin’s food growing and design programs transform and evolve to match these new needs.

Gardening Against Diabetes Dinner

Looks delicious, right?
This simple meal is filled with homegrown foods regularly featured in our new diet.

They didn’t do this alone. They visited their new Naturopathic, Diabetes specialist doctor frequently. And, there were a lot of blood draws and tests. They tracked calories, fat, carbohydrate details, and exercise inputs. They checked blood sugar levels multiple times a day (at first). And, they leaned on friends who have lived with this disease — Type 1 and Type 2 —Ā  for years. And, Robin completely relearned menu planning and cooking thanks to any number of cobbled together resources. As she began adding new foods to their diet, she dug deep to locate and begin cultivating the plants themselves whenever possible — with gorgeous, rewarding results.

This isn’t a seminar about managing Diabetes through a specific diet, exercise, or other program; that’s for you and your doctor to work on. It isn’t about medications you can replace or stop; again, work with your doctor on those things. This is a seminar about many beautiful, delicious, and easy-to-cultivate crops that one Diabetes-battling, gardening family now grows in abundance in their beautiful, tasty, healing, transformed garden.

Just wait – you’re gonna fall in love with some of these amazing plants. And, believe it or not, you’re probably already growing at least a few of them!

Check back here after Robin’s seminar for more information on her new favorite garden-to-fork plants. We’ll be offering leads to procure them, cultivate them, and design with them. Too, we’ll have a number of recipes for cooking and preserving our favorites — like the mashers and greens shown above and much more!

Medical Disclaimer: The information in this seminar, on our sites, in any supplementary information, & social media outlets is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained on or available through these materials are for general information purposes only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on our site, through our seminars or via any related media, outlets or materials.

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