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A-Z Pruning Guide

March 01, 2014

Check our A-Z Pruning Guide before you start chopping on anything in your garden. Here you’ll find suggested techniques, timing, tools, and other tips to help ensure you don’t mutilate or even kill your plants with cutting tools. Instead, we’ll help you keep them healthy, bountiful, and beautiful!

Pruning Guide: Sharpening Tools

Via our Pruning Guide learn how to keep your tools clean & sharp

How & When to Prune Evergreen Azaleas (written for Fiskars)

How to Prune Basil to Keep it Producing All Season Long

Caring for Cane Growers (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Berries for Maximum Fruit (written for Fiskars)

How & When to Prune Camellias (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Guide: Learn to Use a Saw

Learn how a Small Handsaw can Help You Prune Big Branches

When to Prune a Clematis

Pruning Guide to Deadheading (written for Fiskars)

How & When to Prune Evergreen Ferns (written for Fiskars)

General Pruning Information:

Apical Buds & How They Impact Pruning Choices (written for Fiskars)

Basics of Fine Pruning (written for Fiskars)

Caring for Cane Growers (written for Fiskars)

Caring for Your Pruning Tools: Cleaning & Sharpening (written for Fiskars)

Early Spring: Nipping Out Buds

“I Pruned My Tree & Now It’s Leaking”

Pinching & Tipping: When, What & How (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Berries for Maximum Fruit (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Guide: Fixing Bad Cuts & Long-neglected Plants (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Deciduous Trees & Shrubs in Winter (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Guidelines: Rules on Removal Percentages (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Plants & Taking Cuttings for Holiday Decorations (written for Fiskars)

Rat Ladders: How to Prune to Avoid Them (written for Fiskars)

Removing Green Fruit to Maximize a Harvest (written for Fiskars)

Should I Prune Now or Should I Do it Later?

Think Your Plant’s Dead? Be Sure It’s Not Dormant Before You Cut it Down. (written for Fiskars)

Understanding Different Kinds of Arborists

When to Prune Plants the Bloom in Winter (written for Fiskars)

Why Not to Hire a Tree Trimmer Who Wears Spikes

How & When to Prune Evergreen Groundcovers (written for Fiskars)

Keeping a Hedge without Shearing
Pruning Guide: How to Prune a Hedge, Timing & Tools too! (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Guide to Hydrangeas (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Lavender & Drying Your Harvest

How to Prune Lilacs (written for Fiskars)

Pruning a Japanese Maple to Reveal Specimen Form

Caring for Cane Growers (written for Fiskars)

Peach Tree Pruning & Disease Diary

Pruning a Pear to Reduce Suckering

Pruning Berries for Maximum Fruit (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Guide: Azalea

Learn to Prune Plants Like Rhododendrons & Azaleas Right!

How, When, Where & Why to Prune Rhododendrons & Evergreen Azaleas
Rhodie & Azalea Careย  Tips (written for Fiskars)

Pruning Tomato Suckers: Where, Why and When

Pruning for Powdery Mildew Control (& much more)


1 Comment

  1. I liked that you pointed out that you can use a small handsaw to help me prune thicker branches. Personally, I would be scared to do my own pruning. Mainly because I don’t want to hurt myself or my trees. It does seem like a good idea for me to hire a professional to prune my trees.

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