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Cocoa Mulch — Is it Good for My Garden?

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Many ask us if cocoa mulch is good or bad.

The answer to whether cocoa mulch is good or bad is complicated. That’s because it does have good qualities. For instance, it is usually a by-product of making chocolate. So using it as mulch put a waste product to work. And, it can add nutrients to your garden.

cocoa mulch is bad for puppies like this

Cocoa mulch is bad for dogs!

Plus, cocoa mulch makes your garden smell like chocolate. But, that may create a big problem for pets.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Chocolate is made out of cocoa. So, leftover cocoa hulls that go into this mulch are equally dangerous for dogs. But, dogs love the smell of chocolate. That means they’ll be attracted to any cocoa mulch you put in your garden. And once your dog or a neighbor’s dog eats that mulch, it may get really sick.

So, if you decide to use cocoa mulch…

If you use it, be sure to put it somewhere no dog will ever access it. And, that might be tough to do.

With my human nose, I’ve smelled this mulch from as far as a city block away. And, dog’s noses are way more powerful than mind. So, a dog’s likely to find mulch spread anywhere on the ground. And as bad as it may be for them, dogs are scavengers that will try to eat just about anything.

What kind of mulch should you use instead?

The answer to this question is complicated. Choosing the right mulch might depend on your existing soil. And, it might be impacted by what kind of plants you are growing there. Furthermore, there are many other things to consider before choosing the ideal mulch for your garden. But you could consider one of our favorites, arborist chips!

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One comment on “Cocoa Mulch — Is it Good for My Garden?

  1. Ted on

    Never use or advocate Cocoa mulch. It’s been documented to be harmful to dogs. We are mounting a massive boycott and demonstrations against any company or supply farm that produces of promotes such toxic products. FUNDOG (not for profit, very influential).

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