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DIY Seedling Tray Soil Punch

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A DIY seedling tray soil punch makes seed starting go faster.

One of the coolest tools I’ve seen at a farm fair is a DIY seedling tray soil punch. That’s because seeding lots of plants means poking lots of holes in the soil. And when you stick your finger into moist soil, it gets wet and dirty. Not that that’s a bad thing to gardeners. Except that when you next pick up a seed to drop into that hole, you end up getting more than one seed stuck to your dirty, damp finger. Then those stuck-on seeds refuse to drop into the hole. And that’s really frustrating!

DIY Seedling Tray Soil Punch

How to make a seeding tray soil punch tool:

This tool itself is really easy to make. And it only takes a few simple materials and steps to create yours.

Basically, cut a piece of plywood to just a little bit smaller than size of your seeding flats. Then affixed little corks to one side. But be sure the corks are lined up to create holes spaced for the plants you plan to seed. And if the corks are wider on one end than the other, affix the widest side to the board. Finally, to make it really easy to work with your seeding punch tool, consider screwing a small handle to the side opposite the corks. While this is helpful, it isn’t required. And that’s it! You’ve got a DIY seeding tray soil punch ready to go.

Growing a variety of plant seeds in one flat?

If you intend to sow a variety of seeds in a single flat, you could make a few of these with corks spaced appropriately for a variety of seeds. However, if you mix up seeds in a single tray, it might make transplanting difficult later.

But, you don’t know to grow from seed?

Or you want other help from us to supercharge your gardening success? This DIY Seedling tray soil punch is a great start, but there’s so much more we can help you with so your garden grows better than ever.

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4 comments on “DIY Seedling Tray Soil Punch

  1. Brennan Fisher on

    Prompted to email you having been searching for a similar tool available in the UK some time ago that could fitted neatly into half size seed trays: I think it was called ‘Dibalot’, however I can’t find them offered anywhere. I’ve noticed something similar by a company called Tenax, called a seed tray dibber. Obviously not as ‘green’ as the one you found but sometimes it is easier to buy one than make one and so get on with growing your veg etc.

  2. Christopher on

    Hello there,
    It was indeed called a ‘Dibalot’. My Mother, Barbara invented the Dibalot in the UK in the late 1970’s. I believe over a million were sold. I remember the prototype that she made using cut-off golf-tees.

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