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We Believe in Offering a Truly Valuable FREE Gardening Event.

So we’re offering this free, information-rich gardening seminar online. That way you can start learning how to get past your gardening challenges without leaving the safety of your home. And you get to learn live with a pro who’s been helping struggling gardeners succeed for decades.

Ready to Grow Your Best Garden Now?
Learn about flora and fauna with Garden Mentors.
Learn preserve, craft & make the most from your garden.
Learn to grow your own food and herbs with us.
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Moreover, you’ll score some priceless takeaways you can put into action in your garden right away.

Plus, gardening is a great way to stay healthy and grounded any time. However when it gets frustrating, you might want to throw in the trowel. But with our help, you’ll throw out the frustration instead. And you’ll find yourself digging in with that trowel more effectively than every before. As well, you’ll likely find much more joy along the way!

So What Kind of FREE Gardening Takeaways Can You Expect?

We get it!

A lot of free online lessons are just a bunch of fluff. And we don’t want to waste your time with another useless free gardening webinar.

Instead, Robin will be teaching 4 simple ways she’s helped gardeners like you learn to grow smarter, more effectively and more easily. 

This program has already helped so many others master gardening skills that make a huge difference! In fact, when she offered many of these lessons at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, audience members made a point to let us know how these were exactly the things they needed to become the gardeners they’d always dreamed they could be.

This means she can help you do exactly the same to skyrocket your gardening talents!

And when that happens, you should be able to strike a happier balance in your gardening life and grow a fabulous garden you love.

These takeaways form strong foundations that can lead you to a joyful lifetime of successful gardening.

And an AWESOME Garden!

If you end up exhausted after gardening…

and still have a garden that looks like you did nothing despite working so hard, this program is going to help!

When this happens, you’re likely getting randomized.  And you probably just need help getting organized!

In this free gardening webinar, Robin draws from her online Garden Mentors Academy to help you become a more efficient, targeted, and effective gardener.

You’ll come away with easy ways to plan, prioritize, and set realistic, achievable individualized gardening goals.

Are You Struggling with Something in Your Gardening Life Right Now?

Good News!

When you sign up for this free gardening seminar, you’ll be invited to share your biggest gardening challenges. When you chime in for help this way, Robin will do her best to try to help you and the entire group with solutions. (Of course, no promises she can address every single free gardening help request she gets, but she’ll certainly try!)

That’s because her goal is to help everyone achieve their best gardening skills so that they can enjoy gardening more. And so that the planet is healthier.

Most importantly –  so that we all have gardens we really, truly love. And a balanced lifestyle that gives us joy and satisfaction.

So What are You Waiting For?

You’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for this event. But you have everything to lose if you don’t grab a seat now.

Free, live gardening lessons taught by the original “Garden Mentor” don’t come around often.  So let’s get you growing!

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