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Greenhouse Gardening Resources

February 08, 2014

Looking for greenhouse gardening resources?

Following up on our Northwest Flower & Garden Show DIY Stage seminar Shut the Greenhouse Door! Learn to Cultivate Successfully with a Greenhouse & Other Season Extenders, we’ve compiled a number of resources to help you start and keep growing strong 24:7:365.

Small Sunshine Greenhouse

A Small Greenhouse adds Interest, Beauty & Function to Any Garden — Large or Small.

Included below: A greenhouse gardening definitions, purchasing links, more-info article links & Pinterest inspiration board links. Affiliate buy links may be included.

(Qualifying purchases made through affiliate &/or sponsored links on this page and others on this site pay a small percentage to Garden Mentors.)


A few basic season extension tools explained:

Cloche/French Bell: Glass, plastic or other dome-shaped material placed over single plants to protect from cold, downpours & pests. Try GlassGardensNW for artistic cloches. Updated 3/17/2017: Glass Gardens NW was sold to new owners in 2016. We have received a number of complaints following this sale, so we are no longer linking out to their website.

Floating Row Cover/ Horticultural Fleece: lightweight semi-opaque material that raises heat slightly & can protect plants from downpours & some pests. Available here from our store.

Shade fabric: dark fabric that may be used to reduce sunlight & heat in overly hot greenhouses. Available here from our store.

Seeding Trays: Seed starting trays usually have removable plastic tops that help hold heat & moisture during germination. Available here from our store.

Wall o’Water: water-filled plastic; protects young plants from cold. Available here from our store.

Cold Frame: Wooden (usually) box with a transparent lid that allows in light; lid can open for ventilation. Available here from our store, or read on for our link to guides to build your own.

Garden Hoop House with Fleece

In Warmer Weather, Using Fleece On a Hoop House Frame Protects Crops from Pests

Hoop or Tunnel House: Tunnel shaped (often temporary) structure; adds protection & heat. Frame can take many forms; usually covered in plastic; ends open for ventilation. Available here from our store, or read on for articles below on constructing your own.

Greenhouse: Usually a permanent structure with shelving & various ventilation systems. May be built from many materials & shapes vary. Available here from our store.

Solarium: a type of sunroom built onto another structure for warmth & light.

Purchase Season Extender Tools Now: Via our online store, pick up these and other tools you may need to keep your season growing all year.


For Further Reading on Greenhouse Gardening:

Plastic Covered Hoop House

In Cool Weather Plastic Covered Hoop or Tunnel Houses Help Crops Through the Chill.

General Discussion of Season Extenders: A consideration of ways to extend your growing season using various season extension tools.

Considerations in Buying a Greenhouse Kit: A discussion of our experience with a cheap greenhouse, thinking of building from plants, and choosing from kit options.

Sunshine Greenhouse Kit:  About choosing, integrating, modifying, assembling and growing in a small residential kit greenhouse.

How to Build a DIY Cold Frame: Step-by-step help in building your own coldframe.

NEW! How to Build a Seasonal Garden Hoop House: Step-by-step help in building your own PVC, Rebar & Plastic Sheet Hoop House (written for Fiskars).

On Using a Coldframe as Winterized Hugelkultur Bed: The step by step of building a winter hugelkultur bed inside an old cold frame, from which we harvested greens all winter long.

Overcrowding the Greenhouse: Overcrowding in the greenhouse is a fast way to spread pests & disease.

Floating Row Cover as Multipurpose Sheets: Floating row cover offers multiple functions.

Using Horticultural Fleece for Cabbages: Horticultural fleece can do much more than just raise soil temperatures for seedlings.

Why Pest Monitoring is Required: Although some season extenders help keep pests from their favored crops, monitoring is still a requirement.

Month-by-Month Season Extender Tips to Ripen Tomatoes: Using season extender tools can mean the difference between no tomatoes, only green tomatoes, and a bountiful harvest of luscious ripe red fruits.

Step-by-Step Seed Starting Guide: Tips for cultivating crops from seed using seed trays.

Raised Wooden Planters with Hoop House Brackets: Adding hoop or tunnel house system to raised wooden planters is easy, but keep in mind that every drill hole added to untreated wood may shorten the bed’s lifetime.

Considering Plastics: Plastic tunnel houses may not be the prettiest part of the garden, but the delicious results may make a mild eyesore worthwhile.

Our Pinterest Greenhouse & Season Extender Page: More season extender inspiration on our Pinterest Greenhouse page.

More Season Extender-related Posts

(Qualifying purchases made through affiliate &/or sponsored links on this page and others on this site pay a small percentage to Garden Mentors.)


  1. cat says:

    Great information, sorry to miss the seminar!

  2. Missed you there. Enjoy the information we’ve been posting as follow ups!

  3. Roxanne Gierek says:

    Is there anyone available to come to my home and advise me about my greenhouse? I want it all year around and want someone to help with the lighting, plumbing and heating/cooling system.

  4. Roxanne, please fill out our contact form & we’ll be happy to get in touch. Thanks!

  5. Terri says:

    Landscape fabric,black on one side brown on other. Which side against the dirt?

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(Qualifying purchases made through affiliate &/or sponsored links on this page and others on this site pay a small percentage to Garden Mentors.)