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Greenhouse Gardening Resources

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Looking for greenhouse gardening resources?

We often present classes on how how to use greenhouses and other season extenders in your garden. That’s because these tools help extend your growing season. Moreover, tools like offer more uses than just extending your gardening season! In fact, some of these tools might help you with issues like pest control. And they might be beautiful, artistic elements for your garden too.

What we’ll cover about greenhouse gardening tools here:

We’ve compiled a number of resources to help you start and keep growing strong 24:7:365. And, included in the links below, you’ll find:

  • Greenhouse gardening definitions.
  • Links to more articles on gardening with specific season extenders.
  • Season extender construction plan information.

Greenhouse gardening season extension basics:

Cloche/French Bell: These are glass, plastic or other dome-shaped materials are placed over single plants. And, these help protect plants from cold, downpours & pests. Plus, many are beautiful pieces of art!

Floating Row Cover/ Horticultural Fleece: This is lightweight semi-opaque material. And, it raises heat slightly. Plus, it can protect plants from downpours & some pests.

Small Sunshine Greenhouse

A Small Greenhouse adds Interest, Beauty & Function to Any Garden — Large or Small.

Shade fabric: These are dark materials that help reduce too much sunlight. And, that helps keep down heat in overly hot greenhouses.

Seeding Trays: Seed starting trays usually have removable plastic tops. And, they include pots for soil and seed. Plus, they have catch trays for water overflow. The tops help hold heat & moisture during germination.

Wall o’Water: These are water-filled plastic towers. They are used to protect young plants from cold. And, often they are sold specifically for tomatoes.

Cold Frame: These are boxes with a transparent lid to allow in light. And, the lids open for ventilation. Plus, we have plans so you can build your own cold frame.

Garden Hoop House with Fleece

In Warmer Weather, Using Fleece On a Hoop House Frame Protects Crops from Pests

Hoop or Tunnel House: These are tunnel shaped  structures. And, they are often temporary greenhouses. So, they can add protection & heat. Moreover the frame can take many forms. But, it is usually covered in plastic. And the ends open for ventilation.

Greenhouse: This is usually a permanent structure. Often greenhouses include shelving & various ventilation systems. But, they can also be as simple as a hoop house over soil. Greenhouses may be built from many materials & shapes vary. Learn more about hobby greenhouses here.

Solarium: a type of sunroom built onto another structure for warmth & light.

For further reading on greenhouse gardening:

Plastic Covered Hoop House

In Cool Weather Plastic Covered Hoop or Tunnel Houses Help Crops Through the Chill.

Sunshine Greenhouse Kit:  This piece details choosing, integrating, modifying, assembling, and growing in a small residential kit greenhouse.

How to Build a DIY Cold Frame: In this article we help you build your own coldframe.

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    Is there anyone available to come to my home and advise me about my greenhouse? I want it all year around and want someone to help with the lighting, plumbing and heating/cooling system.

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