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Christmas Tree After Story

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How can you recycle a Christmas tree after the holidays are over?

When we lived in Seattle, Christmas trees lined sidewalks after the holidays. There’s a day when curbside yard waste will pick them up. That’s a good thing. These went to an industrial composting facility to be recycled into mulch.

Wait…do you actually need a tree for the holidays?

There may be other decoration options you can DIY that don’t require renting or buying a Christmas tree. Sign up & look forward to learning some of our lessons like this one that will help you fill your home with fragrance and beauty from your garden!

Or, check this out if you’re looking for options to rent a tree that is planted in restoration projects later.

So, what if you don’t have a curbside Christmas tree recycling option?

How to Recycle Christmas Tree

Or, even if you do have that option, maybe you want to use that tree on your own, at home. But, maybe you could use some help deciding what to do with that dried up, beloved conifer. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to recycle your Christmas tree in your garden.

Is your tree something you can recycle?

To be recyclable, your tree should not be flocked or otherwise treated. And, it should be a natural tree. Moreover, be sure you’ve removed all of the ornamentation from your tree before you give it back to nature.

Five Easy Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree:

  1. Have livestock? Recycle your Christmas tree by hanging it in their pen. Chickens will peck at it and roost on it. Larger critters might scratch themselves on it.
  2. Have a compost pile or want to start one? Chop up your tree, and add the cuttings to your compost heap.
  3. Have a wood stove or outdoor fire pit? Cut off the small branches to compost. Then, cut the trunk and larger branches into firewood. You may need to cure it for a few months or a year before you burn it.
  4. Want to start a new garden bed? Hugelkultur mounds beg for roughly chopped material. In fact, if your mound project is large enough, you might be able to plop the whole tree in, uncut. As well, if you made the world’s easiest holiday swag, this can go into your garden beds too!
  5. Have a live tree? Get it back outside, gradually, if the weather is harsh. And determine where and how you’ll plant it in your garden. However, if your tree is going to grow too big for your home garden, you may be able to donate it to a local park or restoration project. Or put it in a larger pot to grow into a bigger Christmas tree to bring indoors again next year. Using the same tree year after year as a Christmas tree makes for a fantastic tradition!

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