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I’ve Hired a Weeding Company, Because…

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Need to hire someone to weed your garden?

Even gardening DIYers need to hire someone to weed the garden sometimes. And, that might happen for many reasons. But, we all have to weigh our options and find balance in life. Struggling to find the place where our this-is-my-garden-DIY attitudes segue with our time budget, our dollar budget, our stamina budget, our tolerance, and our garden growth rate is something every home gardener faces. And we’ve put together some top questions to ask when you’re trying to hire someone to weed your garden.
Hire someone to weed garden for you

Not sure if you really need to hire someone?

Sometimes it’s tough to pull the trigger and hire someone to weed your garden. That might be because of reasons such as:

  • Can I afford the price to hire someone to weed my garden?
  • Do they really know how to weed my garden?
  • Or, will they pull up the wrong plants?
  • Perhaps they’ll do a cruddy job?
  • And maybe those weeds just aren’t worth battling in the first place?
  • I can do it myself, but I’d rather do something else like plant or prune.
  • Or, right now, I’m in a tough spot time-wise or physically and just need a little help to get by in the moment.

So, what are the most important steps for hiring someone to weed your garden?

  • First: ask around for referrals from friends who have fabulous gardens. Believe it or not, they may be getting garden help even if they work in their gardens all that time. However, if you can’t get a personal referral, research professional organizations in your area that can point you to certified, licensed pros who weed gardens.
  • Second: when you make a call, ask about how they work? So for instance, do they just use a hula hoe to scrape the top of the weeds off the ground and throw down herbicides? Or, do they spend the time to actually remove each weed?
  • Third: ask if they will mulch your garden after they pull the weeds. And, will they bring in the mulch or do you need to supply it? Too, will they allow you to specify your preferred material, or do they choose for you?
  • Fourth: continue to interview the weeding company by asking them about how they they address specific weeds you have in your garden. Doing this will help weed out anyone who doesn’t know how to deal with the problems you might have.
  • Fifth: discuss with the weeding company how often they will need to come to your garden. Some companies require regular maintenance contracts. But, others may be available to do one-time clean ups to help you get past a difficult patch.
  • Sixth: Of course learn about their rates and insurance. And, remember, while a neighborhood kid might be cheap by the hour, a reputable specialist may offer more value for your dollars. So, while a licensed, bonded, tax-paying business with trained, certified professionals may seem expensive, they’re likely to work with quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  • Seventh: Finally, when you think you’ve chosen the right team, meet with them on site for a walk through to be sure the weeding team and you are on the same page. This is critical because the booking person in the office may not be the person who actually comes to weed your garden.

Someone hired to weed a garden

What about Garden Mentors® for weeding your garden?

Garden Mentors® offers many gardening services including online interactive garden coaching, consulting, gardening seminars, and other garden education programs. So if you’re still struggling to garden or figure out whether you want to DIY your weeds or hire someone to weed your garden for you, learning more in our programs can really help. That’s because we’ve designed our gardening lessons specifically to help gardeners of all levels get past their biggest stumps and into a great garden and gardening lifestyle that you love!

(However, we do not offer garden maintenance services like weeding for you.)

6 comments on “I’ve Hired a Weeding Company, Because…

  1. CRAIG ARGO on

    Would like to hire some one to do weeding of the foundation planting in front of the house.

  2. Garden Mentors on

    Craig, We’re not sure if you’re requesting one of us to do this work for you or just casting your wish out loud. We don’t do maintenance services. Good luck finding the right fit!

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