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“My shrub leaves are yellow. What can I do to help my tree survive?”

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My shrub leaves are yellow. What can I do to help my tree survive?

  • Asking why is my shrub turning yellow is a common questions.
  • And, it doesn’t always have a simple answer.
  • But, yellowing leaves is generally referred to as chlorosis.
  • And, this caused by leaves lacking chlorophyll.
  • Chlorophyll gives plants their green color.
  • As well, it empowers them to create food for themselves.

Tree turning yellow for fall

But, chlorosis can be the result of many different things.

  • So, without proper evaluation of the plant,
  • and, without an evaluation of its environment,
  • it may be impossible to know exactly why a shrub is turning yellow.
  • So, you many need a local horticulturist to help evaluate your plant in its environment for a proper diagnosis.

Still, you may be able to answer why is my shrub turning yellow yourself…

And, to do this, you’ll need to take a close look at your plant and its environment. For example:

  • Is your plant supposed to have yellow leaves?
  • In fact, some plants are cultivated to have more yellow leaves than green leaves.
  • Or is the season changing & the leaves should be turning yellow?
  • Or was your shrub improperly planted?
  • If it’s planted to deep, it may be yellowing.
  • As well, if the roots are circling or girdling, that may be the problem
  • Or, the soil may be the problem.
  • That’s because compacted soil stresses plants.
  • And, if the soil is too wet or too dry, it may be causing your plant to to yellow.
  • Of course, inspecting for signs of pests and disease may help you identify the root issue.
  • Moreover, if the plant is in the wrong place, exposure may be causing it to turn yellow.
  • And, if the bark has been damaged, that might be the problem.
  • Or, if the weather has been extreme, that might be the answer to why my shrub is turning yellow.
  • Plus, a very common issue is a nutrient imbalance.
  • But, don’t just throw fertilizer at the problem.
  • That’s because it may cause even more problems.

And, if you don’t understand these terms or concepts…

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6 comments on ““My shrub leaves are yellow. What can I do to help my tree survive?”

  1. Garden Mentors on


    I’m sorry to hear your plants seem to be suffering. Site unseen, it’s nearly impossible to know why yours are yellowing and your neighbor’s are not. It could be that you have different types of plants. Or different environmental situations impacting similar plants. If you’d like to chime in with more information, we’ll try to help if we can. Good luck!

  2. Jim Santos on

    We live in the Fresno area of California, and for more than 26 days our temperatares were over 100 degrees. My Rosemary plants are turning yellow and I do not know what to do. Is watering any type of help? Thanks,

  3. Garden Mentors on

    Jim, Thanks for writing in. Whew! That’s a lot of really hot days. Rosemary is fairly heat and drought tolerant, but it may not stand up to that much heat for that long especially if you aren’t watering the plant regularly. If you haven’t been watering and the plants are still alive, try watering on the regular and they may bounce back. Good luck…hopefully with summer waning you’re in for some relief from the dry heat soon.

  4. John L Tansky Sr on

    I am new at planting flowering shrubs, plants etc. I have just planted an Allamanda flowering shrub one week ago in Leesburg Florida zone 8b or 9 Lake county. The weather has been hot but overcast and showering every 2 days. I have watered the plant using distilled water along with what the showers bring. The problem that I have noticed is that the bottom third of the plants leaves are turning yellow. I HAVE NOT added any fertilizer. Is this common after planting or Not? If it is not common what should I do the plant has beautiful yellow trumpet flowers in bloom. –John–

  5. Garden Mentors on

    John, Thanks for writing in. There are many things that could be causing this issue with your new planting, and site unseen it’s difficult to provide guidance. Too much watering, too little water, a weak plant, an improperly planted plant, pests, and so much more could be contributing to this issue. You might try hiring a consultant in your area to assess the situation or take plant samples and photos to a local Master Gardener clinic (often held at local nurseries) to help you. Best of luck!

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