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The Five Minute Garden Chore

December 06, 2011
Raked Garden

Leaves Raked from Path & Doggy Toilet into Adjacent Beds as Mulch -- in Just Five Minutes

After several weeks indoors battling a nasty virus, I’m finally enjoying intermittent pain-free moments. Sunday, in just a few minutes, I used up my tiny bank of energy to clean a toilet — a dog toilet that is.

Yep, my 5′ x 5′ “lawn” was drowning in Birch leaves. And, by drowning, I mean it was soggy. Plus, the grass was getting no light, and it was dying because of it. And this was not an area I’d hoped to sheet mulch!

A quick brushing off with the rake was easy. We hadn’t had rain in days, so the leaves were dry and fluffy. And, because the leaves are relatively small, they make for a decent extra mulch layer on our garden beds. So, all I had to do was lightly brush the leaves onto nearby beds.

Now the grass can “breathe” again. Grubs were exposed, and birds flocked in shortly after to snatch them up. The dog can use her designated toilet again. (I think as a sight-oriented dog, she had been avoiding it for fear of stepping in her own doo-doo. She’s a little persnickety that way.) And, me, well I soaked up a bit of chilly, wintery sunshine and lots of fresh air, both of which went a long way toward improving my outlook and my health.

So no excuses people. If I can do this in just 5 minutes while sick, imagine what you can do on a sunny winter day whether you’re feeling 100% or even just 10%! For me, those five minutes in the garden may have been exhausting, but they were also healing — strengthening me to power up against this bug that I’m determined to kick to the curb very, very soon!

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