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Vegetable Garden Seed Shopping

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Shopping for your vegetable garden seeds yet?

Have you started shopping for vegetable garden seeds yet? January is when garden seed supplier catalogs begin arriving. If you’re on their list, your mailbox will start looking like a food gardening library this time of year. And, it’s important not to ignore that library. That’s because seed sowing season is just around the corner.

Vegetable Garden Seed Shopping sproutsVegetable garden seed sowing season already?

Yep, there are many veggies that you’ll do well to sow from seed indoors early in the season. That’s because they won’t germinate in cold outdoor soil very well. But, you can start growing these vegetables indoors early. That way, you’ll have homegrown starter plants to transplant as soon as it’s warm enough outdoors to support them. And that means you’ll be harvesting food sooner rather than later.

Which vegetable garden seeds will you order?

The main things to think about when you’re ordering are:

  1. What do I want to eat?
  2. What do I have room for in my garden?
  3. Will these plants grow in my area?

Once you’ve answered these questions, filling your vegetable garden seed order should be quite a bit easier. But, you’ll still need to decide which varieties of each crop you want to choose. And, there are a lot of different options! Choosing and then growing a variety is part of the fun of gardening!

Space? Design? Choosing? Help!

It’s probably pretty easy for you to make a list of what you like to eat. But knowing how much room you’ll need for plants and knowing what will grow in your area might be more difficult.

If you need with plans and setting up a garden, our Academy can really help! We’ve even got printable vegetable garden plans in there. With these you can easily layout a very simple beginner garden and get your vegetable garden growing fast.

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Another reason to order everything early

While you may not sow summer vegetable seeds indoors yet, it is a good idea to order all the seeds you can as early as possible. That’s because some popular seeds are likely to sell out. In 2020, when pandemic gardening was a thing, seed vendors ran out of a lot of favorites. And, that meant gardeners were left with slim choices. So, order whatever you think you want to grow all season as early as you can.

I wrapped up my first vegetable seed order with our affiliate Renee’s Garden Seeds earlier this week. And, my cart was pretty darn full of delicious plants. Ordering in early January meant they were still stocked up with most of my favorites. Still, they had already marked a few seeds we love as “out of stock”. Most of those were missing because the seed growers had experienced crop failures in the prior year. Sadly, it happens.

So, what did we order for our garden?

If you’re having trouble deciding what to grow this year, maybe our list of choices will help you narrow your vegetable garden shopping list down.

I really reduced my variety choices for the year ahead. That’s because our dedicated vegetable garden isn’t terribly big, our local farmers do a great job growing some of our more challenging favorites, and after years of doing this, I know what I like to have at hand all the time.

So, I chose lettuce, spinach, kale, cucumbers, pole beans, cabbage, sprouting broccoli, container tomatoes, carrots, and even a low-glycemic potato. That’s it; we’re keeping things pretty simple at this point.

Of course, I have some seeds leftover from last year’s orders. So, those seeds will help round out my desire for any cilantro, basil or cauliflower. And, I know I’ll have volunteer chamomile, calendula, borage, and nasturtiums. But, now that I think about it, I realize I may need to put in another order. I completely forgot to buy parsley seed!

Good thing it’s not too late to place another order.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be starting kale, sprouting broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce indoors. The polar vortex may have our garden frozen in February, but our vegetable garden will be well underway indoors where it’s warm, cozy and bright in our south-facing windows.

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