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Growing Pak Choi in a 4″ Garden

June 06, 2013

In early spring we started growing Pak Choi from seed. Eventually, the seedlings went into 4″ pots to grow on and potentially sell or share with others. Thing is: we never did sell much of it and the flat of 4″ers got lost in the back of the greenhouse for a while. They did, however, get watered.

Pak Choi

Pak Choi Crop Ready to Harvest from a 4″ Pot

Then I found the flat. Each pot contained 2-3 plants, and I thought for sure that competing for space and resources in that small pot would mean the plants would bolt (aka go to seed) quickly. And, they were pretty much past the point of being transplanted into the garden beds where they were likely, again, to go straight to seed.

So, what to do?

I put about half the flat out on the sidewalk where our broccoli plants were stolen, and I stuck a free sign int he flat of goodies. If somebody was really hungry or desperate for plant starts, maybe they’d take these instead of more of our plants maturing in the ground.

The rest I set aside with everything we planned to donate to the foodbank, and I just kept watering them.

And they kept growing.

And they didn’t bolt.

Earlier this week, the day came for running several flats of edible starts to the local foodbank to distribute. When I checked the Pak Choi — all of it as nobody took anything from our free pile on the sidewalk — it still hadn’t bolted. As a matter of fact, there was a pretty decent crop of baby Pak Choi ready to harvest.

Pak Choi Harvest

Big colander full of Pak Choi Harvested from a few 4″ pots – Enough for dinner!

I harvested the crop. And from a measly eight or so, 4″ pots, we got a great big bowl of tasty baby Choi that we enjoyed whole, quick stir fried in sesame oil with fresh ginger & garlic scapes.

Pak Choi Stir Fry

Baby Pak Choi Flash Stir Fried with Sesame Oil, Ginger & Garlic Scapes

Think you don’t have room to grow your own food? Think again!

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