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Hope for the Tomatoes

July 21, 2011

Right now, your garden is either soggy & chilly or frying under an unforgiving sun. There isn’t much in between this summer anywhere in the US. And, in both situations, getting a tomato to form and ripen is pretty tough.

First Ripening Cherry Tomato of 2011 - July 21st!?!

First Ripening Cherry Tomato of 2011 - July 21st!?!

If its too hot out, the fruit won’t ripen. If its too wet, pollinators may not be able to get to the flowers & that nasty late blight can easily take hold.

But, let me give you hope. Protected under hoops, in my cool, wet garden I spied the first of my ripening tomatoes. It’s a cherry. And, it comes from a start I bought from my CSA farmer. Her plants were well ahead of mine.

It had taken me three tries at successive seedings this year to get any plants to germinate. That put me weeks behind my ideal schedule. Fortunately, I could buy this golden cherry from her to get this timely fruit. And, with a little luck, the green tomatoes forming all over the plants I seeded myself will begin ripening soon.

Have hope folks. Those tomatoes aren’t done tryin’ yet!

Need help figuring out how to get your tomatoes through a cool, wet season? Read more here!

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