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How to Ripen Tomatoes Successfully

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Figuring out how to ripen tomatoes can be tricky.

But, it’s not impossible to know how to ripen tomatoes. And, that’s true even in short, cool, wet climates like we have in the Pacific Northwest.

Tomato Harvest in Seattle

First, choose the best varieties for where you grow.

We’ve put together a list of the best tomatoes to grow with tips on getting them good and red like these too. And, if you’re not growing in the Pacific Northwest, many of these tomato varieties will perform in other locations too.

But, if you’re new to growing food, our online gardening Academy is full of beginner gardening lessons. And, we offer up programs for the advance gardeners too.

Next, manipulating your plants may be key in how to ripen tomatoes.

And, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on the methods we’ve employed for years to ripen tomatoes. We may begin with a seed in February. And, we may end with culling plants in October. But, in between, we’ve brought in pounds and pounds of fruits.

But, sometimes cellaring is your goal…

We agree that a homegrown, sun-kissed, vine-ripened tomato tastes best. But, what about eating a ripe tomato from your garden in the middle of winter? While you might not be able to keep your plants growing into winter, we’ve shared tips to redden them up in your cellar. And, we’ll tell you the best tomatoes to grow for this kind of ripening plan.

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