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A-Z Garden Tours & Getaway Guide

September 27, 2013

If you’re anything like us, you love great garden tours and all thingsย  “getaway”. When we tour a special garden, hike in an amazing forest or visit a great park, we try to share our experience through words and photographs for you. And, we’ve been doing this for several years now. So, to make it easier for you to find the great spots we’ve shared, we’ve put together this easy-to-use guide to gardens and getaways we’ve loved to share.

Dunn Gardens in Spring

Dunn Gardens in Bloom During their Annual Wine Tasting Sip ‘n Stroll Tour

Do bookmark this page as we’ll be adding in more great stories and images of places every garden lover wants to experience!

Bloedel Reserve: Coming soon. This is a must see historical destination. The Parrotia over the lake is outstanding. The architecture is gorgeous. The zig-zag boardwalks over swamp lanterns and pitcher plants ensures no evil spirits will follow you here.

Bon Secours Healing Garden: Coming soon…This special garden offers respite to those staying at or visiting the Bon Secours hospital in Richmond, VA. It provides food for the hospital chefs, a place to heal in nature for patients and their loved ones. And, it even provides some unexpected habitat for wildlife visitors.

Dunn Gardens:ย  Dunn Gardens is an historical hideaway treasure in Seattle’s north end. Its original early 1900 design by the famed Olmstead brothers is still evident today. (Open to the public seasonally. Tickets are required.) Find more on Dunn Gardens in our article for Fiskars.

Elizabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden: Coming soon…The formerly private gardens of renowned horticulturist “Betty”, this special place is a gardening wonderland. (Open to the public seasonally on a limited basis. Tickets are required.)

Garden Mentorsยฎ : Scenes from our home garden during our 2013 private tour. (Private by invitation only.)

Getty Center: The Getty Center is the more modern of the two Getty museum and garden locations in Los Angeles. Part museum. Part architecture. Part plants. All amazing. (Open to the public by reservation.)

Getty Villa: Coming soon…This “original Getty” ocean-front Los Angeles property offers stunning gardens, gorgeous artwork & unparallelled architecture.

Golden Gate Park:ย This horticultural gem in San Francisco offers rolling fields, towering tree ferns, a glass conservatory, native plants, a Japanese garden, and much more. (Open to the public. Some areas free; some for fee.)

Hannah’s Healing Garden: Hannah experienced great loss, which inspired her to try her hand at gardening. As she suspected, it helped her heal. (Private)

Kubota Gardens: Coming soon…This now-public Seattle park is the stunning creation of a dedicated Japanese immigrant family beginning decades ago. Streams, waterfalls, rolling lawns and beautiful specimens await. (Public park.)

Kruckeberg Botanical Gardens: This formerly private garden is the home to the 50+ year plant collection of the Kruckeberg family. (Open to the public by appointment.)

Malcolm Jungle Garden: Funky junk. Tropicals. Edibles. Natives. Rarities and so much more come together in this small, stunning residential garden turned jungle under a home gardener’s touch. (Private.)

Monticello: Robin’s been visiting Monticello since she was a child. Get her story on Monticello and other of Jefferson’s garden spaces in this article for Fiskars.

Montpelier: *NEW* In the spring of 2015 Robin visited the plantation home and gardens of founding father James Madison & the first First Lady Dolly Madison. Explore the grounds, including Annie DuPont’s formal walled garden.

Norie’s Private Moss Garden: If you’ve ever struggled to keep a lawn thriving in a space where moss prefers to grow, perhaps it is time to take a note from Norie’s successful, beautiful moss garden transformation. (Private. However, some tours are made available seasonally.)

Tuckahoe Plantation: Sure, you’ve heard of Thomas Jefferson’s plantation at Monticello, but have you ever heard of this, his boyhood home? We cover both in this article for Fiskars.


  1. Vivian says:

    I love Monticello it is beautiful and informative and so is Garden Gate Lavender Farms near Spokane, WA
    there is nothing like the purple sweep of flowers and soft fragrance in the air.

  2. […] recently visited James Madison’s Montpelier and having been to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello many times, I can’t wait to read each of their chapters soon. (These books are so good, I may […]

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