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A-Z Garden Tours & Getaway Guide

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Who can resist beautiful online garden tours? When we tour a special garden, we try to share our experience through words and photographs for you. Plus, sometimes we even host a live garden tour event. So, to make it easier for you to find the great spots we’ve shared, we’ve put together this easy-to-use guide to gardens and getaways we’ve loved to share.

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image from garden tours of Dunn Gardens in Seattle, WA

Now you can enjoy several self-guided online garden tours too.

Dunn Gardens:  Dunn Gardens is an historical hideaway treasure in Seattle’s north end. Plus, it was designed in the early 1900s by the famed Olmstead brothers. And their vision is still evident today. Enjoy this online garden tour!

Golden Gate ParkThis horticultural gem in San Francisco offers rolling fields.Plus, it is filled with towering tree ferns. And, there’s a stunning glass conservatory. As well, you’ll thrill to the various native plants. And, find respite in the relaxing Japanese garden.

Hannah’s Healing Garden: Hannah experienced great loss. And this inspired her to try her hand at gardening. Fortunately, as she suspected, it helped her heal. (Private)

Kruckeberg Botanical Gardens: This special place was formerly private. But, today this garden is the home to the 50+ year plant collection of the Kruckeberg family.

Malcolm Jungle Garden: Mari’s cool garden is full of funky junk. Plus, she’s combined tropicals, edibles, and native plants. And, you’ll see rarities too. Moreover, all of this comes together in this small, stunning residential garden. And, really it’s a jungle under a home gardener’s touch. In fact this online garden tour may be the only way you can visit this special garden again.

Montpelier:  This is the plantation home of founding father James Madison & the first First Lady Dolly Madison. Here you’ll see their home. And, you’ll enjoy exploring the grounds. Plus, we’ll take a peek inside Annie DuPont’s formal walled garden.

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