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Garden Mentors Client Appreciation Private Event – Revealed!

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Ever wanted to tour a garden filled with gorgeous glass art?

Take a sneak peek at one of our own gardens filled with gorgeous glass garden art. This was an invitation-only garden tour offered to clients, and you can take a little virtual tour now. This program included special plants sales, private tours, shopping, and on-site events.

Private Garden Tour Shot

Enter the Garden to Shop & Tour!

Many of our clients ask about coming to see our gardens.

But, the thing is, our garden is at our home. And, sometimes its important to have some separation between work and our personal lives. You get that, right? Still, the requests kept coming, so we decided to host an invite-only garden open day. And, boy was it popular!

Private Garden Tour

Private Side Patio Filled with Plants to Buy & Take Home

We sent out a note to our active client list inviting them to join us in the garden for a day of tours, Q&A, meeting the bees (from a distance), and shopping!

glass art being installed in the garden

Glass artist installing a Flower Art Cluster
(that one of our clients purchased & took home from the sale)

To spice things up, we invited a garden glass art designer & other specialists!

And she came to fill the garden with gobs of sparkly art. Plus, Seattle Container Designs brought several of her fantastic finished container plantings to choose from.  And, of course, we had several jars of Ballard Bee Company honey from our hives (and probably others) for sale.

We got special plants growing for clients to take home.

And, we spent the last several months growing a number of tasty edible starts from seed as well as procuring many rare and unusual plants for purchase — things we knew would fit the bill for everyone attending the event. Plus, we stacked up sacks of our favorite potting soil for sale, which many shoppers combined with their plant selections to DIY at home in the empty pots Seattle Container Designs was selling.

And, we even ended up with a petting zoo!

Too, an unadvertised surprise bit of fun: our friend Lacia came to shop with a six-day old baby goat tucked into her jacket — who knew we’d have a petting zoo in the garden?!

Baby Goat

Six Day Old Baby Goat Making the Rounds on the Garden Tour

The weather was perfect for a garden tour.

The bees were sweet — except for the hornet queen, but we roped off her area and didn’t see her at all during the event. No glass was broken, despite more than one toddler grabbing for the glass floats decorating every garden bed in sight. And, all-in-all, our friends and clients told us time and again how much they enjoyed having this chance to see our garden and pick our brains.

Some of the comments we overheard & questions we received during the day…

I love that honey. It came from these hives? Can I watch you take some out of the hive to take home today? (Answer: I don’t extract the honey, but you can buy some!)

Private Garden Tour Image

Glass Art, Mature Plants, Hoop Houses Filled with Food & Honeybee Hives


I love the idea of shopping for plants here because Garden Mentors knows my garden and knows me and can help me pick exactly what I want/need to fill in my spaces


I’d much rather come to a private event like this instead of going to a big nursery or a huge plant sale event with all the lines & crowds!


Oh sweetie…don’t drink that. It’s not a water fountain! (as child leans in to take a drink out of the bamboo spigot on a potted water feature.)

Children, Water Feature & Glass garden art

Brother & Sister explore potted water feature filled with glass art.


I love seeing the art installed in a garden. It’s so much easier to visualize it in my own spaces than it is when I shop for it from a booth or a studio sale.


Glass garden Mushroom Art

Glass Mushroom Art in the Garden – Sold!

Wow! What is that? (points to plant/art/rock/hive/hoop/etc…) Can I have it in my garden? Can you get it for me?


Now, tell me again, how did you do this? (points to greenhouse, hoop house, giant boulders, patio, etc…).


I love all the different spaces you’ve created. How do you choose where to hang out with so many choices?

Putting together a tour filled with glass garden art & more was fun, but…

It was a lot of work to put the event together, but thanks to everyone it came together beautifully. Nearly everything sold, but there are a few items left. If you’d like to be notified about any future garden tour programs, sign up to be notified when our online learning programs open. We’ll certainly invite members to our tours when we put together programs in the future. And, odds are, we will do a similar event again someday.

Glass Garden Northwest Art inthe Garden

One of the many “Easter Egg Hunt” Collections of Glass Garden art in the Garden

4 comments on “Garden Mentors Client Appreciation Private Event – Revealed!

  1. Barbara Sanderson on

    I’m sure everyone who came to your event benefited from seeing your own personal garden as well as getting to shop for such healthy organic plants and veggies. Thanks for inviting me along to help add some glass bling to your garden for the day!

  2. Garden Mentors on

    Everyone loved having your art here! I was thrilled to see so much of it go home with clients. When I get photos of their installations, I’ll be sharing that with you for sure!!

  3. Lacia Lynne Bailey on

    It was a wonderful event! Dogs too! Ginger was a gracious greeter in the front when I arrived, and Kula couldn’t get enough of the baby goat when she came out towards then end. Its inspiring to see lush garden coexist with very active dog. Be sure to catch Robin’s talk on that topic if she ever gives it again

  4. Garden Mentors on

    Thanks Lacia! I love helping foster gorgeous gardens in which pups, people & plants can co-exist. Thanks for coming & bringing your little baby. Kula has to check the goat pee spot every time she passes it. Clearly she’d like a herd of her own to watch over!

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