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Bee Tuned Into Growing a Greener World

June 25, 2010
Joe Lamp'l & Robin Haglund in the Garden - Brrrr!

Joe Lamp'l & Robin Haglund in the Garden - Brrrr!

Earlier this year I enjoyed a day of filming in my garden with Joe Lamp’l and his wonderfully friendly, talented and patient crew from Growing a Greener World TV.  Their purpose in visiting my garden was to learn more about bees from beekeeper Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company and from me, a horticulturist seeking to encourage bees in the garden. It’s hard to believe, but just three months later, the show is available to PBS for airing tomorrow!

Since the Growing a Greener World folks were here in late March, it’s been a wild spring ride for the bees, Ballard Bee Company owner Corky and our household. We’ve watched the comings and goings of the mason bees, which have already completed their seasonal cycle. The hive you’ll see in the show has returned to their first home with Willi of Digginfood.com. Corky has brought in new baby bees, established their queens, feed them loads of sugar water so they don’t die out, and cared for them regularly. He’s become a true friend. Even his dog has come to think of our house as a second home, coming to visit often to help us through the mourning period following the passing of our sweet Shiloh dog just a few weeks ago. And, uh-oh, Corky’s even had to visit us three times just to manage swarms. And, lucky me, he suited me up the last time to teach me how to gather the swarm myself.

It’s been a rough spring for the bees. It’s been really rainy and cold in Seattle, which has blown out flowers, slowed plant growth, and has often kept the bees trapped in their hives. Fortunately, our two boxes are still plugging along, making honey, making queens and making my flowers turn into fruit!

I encourage you to check your local PBS listing so you’re able to tune in as soon as it airs in your area.  Our local Seattle affiliate has picked up the show, but they won’t be airing the program until later this summer. So, Corky, the Ballard Bees and I will have to catch it online a few days after the original weekend air date — too bad we don’t have a bit of honey mead for toasting the event together. Maybe I’ll have to find some before then.

Enjoy the show. I know I had a fantastic time working with Joe, Theresa, Corky and the rest of the crew. Actually, I’m so inspired by my entire honeybee experience that I’m saving up for a bee suit, gloves, smoker and hive I can call my own. I hope that by being a part of bringing the bees to your desktop and television screen we’ll inspire you to consider how you’ll do more to help the bees help the planet be a greener world.


  1. Jessi says:

    I’m so excited to watch!!

  2. […] been through a lot together in that time — prepping the garden for bringing in the hives, hosting filming of Growing a Greener World TV’s episode on honeybees, losing a very special dog we both […]

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