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Celebrating Pollinator Week: Bees, Birds, Plants & More!

June 20, 2013

Are you celebrating pollinators for Pollinator Week?

To make it easier for you to find our best information on honeybees, bumblebees, mason bees, hornets, birds, people, and other pollinator topics we’ve covered over the years, here’s a list of just a few of our most popular links…in no particular order.

Honeybees and Hive

Honeybees at the Hive Entrance

How Bad is the Honeybee Decline? Learn about what it takes to get the food you eat pollinated by honeybees & find out just how close we may be to losing these important creatures.

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Art for the garden that benefits bees in two ways. Glass Gardens Northwest is producing inexpensive, colorful glass floats that provide a safe landing pad for thirsty bees. Plus, your a portion of your purchase is donated to bee preservation efforts.

Hummingbird habitats: If you create the right environment, you might get to enjoy nesting hummingbirds right outside your front door. See the photographic journal of raising a hummingbird family from day one.

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Bumblebee Adoption: Did you know you can call a beekeeper to have hazardous or unwanted bees extracted without the use of chemicals? One such service even brought one such unwanted bumblebee colony to our garden for adoption.

Mason bees: About the easiest pollinators to host in your garden. Learn about’m here!

Mason Bee on Glass Art

Orchard Mason Bee Resting on Glass Gardens Northwest Art

Poison Free Bee Extractions: Learn how, why and when to hire bee removal beekeepers to remove and possibly relocate bees you don’t want – without the use of toxins!

A few plants pollinators love:







Inviting Wild Birds into Your Garden: Wild birds can provide quite a bit of pollination in the garden. Too, they can eat up pest insects (as well as your crops). The giveaway at this link is long past, but the information is still relevant!

January Bee Buzz: Winter foraging by the bees? Yep, you betcha!

Bald Faced Hornet on Greenhouse

Bald Faced Hornet Harvesting Wood From Our Greenhouse doorway

Kill the Queen!  In very early spring, killing wild hornet or yellow jacket queens before they begin to build their brood may keep down unwanted populations before the happen. We aren’t fans of killing bees, but sometimes nesting stingers just isn’t safe.

Swarms: Swarming is a natural part of the honeybee lifecycle. Learn more about our fascinating encounter, with video!

Queen Cells & More on Swarms: Learn more about what causes a swarm to form, plus pics of honeybee queen cells in the hive.

Water for the Bees: Learn how and why to provide water sources in the garden for bees of all kinds.

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(You can support this blog by buying through our links. Purchases made through the affiliate links on this page and others on this site pay a small percentage to Garden Mentors but don’t cost you anything extra. Thank you for buying and helping support us!)