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Eco-Friendly Home & Garden Tips

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Cultivating an eco-friendly home & garden is easy.

We’re always suggesting ways for everyone to be more environmentally friendly. So, when Redfin reached out and asked for ideas about growing a more eco-friendly home garden, we were happy to offer one of our favorite garden design tips to make your home, garden and life just a little more green.

Trees for Eco-Friendly Home & Garden

Where you place your garden trees can make a difference.

When you’re selecting a location for trees to plant, there’s a lot to consider. And, one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your trees is how they can provide shelter. That’s because a well sited tree can help provide shade to your home. And, a shaded home may be more eco-friendly. How’s that? Well, a tree that shades your home is summer may cool your home. That means free, natural, environmentally friendly air conditioning.

So, where is that perfect spot in your garden? Usually, that’s going to be somewhere South or Southwest on your property. Of course, this also depends on other things that may be growing in your garden, how your home sits on your property, and more.

Siting your tree is the first step in growing an eco-friendly home & garden.

Choosing to plant a tree to cast shade on your home in summer is your first step. And, determining where the best spot is may be your next step. But, you’ll also want to consider long-term implications.

For instance, do you want an evergreen that may also block sunlight during the short days of winter? And, how big will the tree you choose actually grow? Is it going to get too big for the space? If that happens it may end up becoming a hazard.

Want to learn more about growing your eco-friendly home garden?

Our Academy Design courses include lots of information to help you design your own environmentally friendly garden. And, we’ve even included a number of free, printable landscape designs so you can dig right in. Plus, design isn’t all you learn with your Academy subscription. Take a look at our selection of free, curated classes to begin your journey in growing your greater connection to an eco-friendly home, garden, and greater lifestyle.

Want to learn more from a variety of  garden & home professionals?

Check out the article Redfin put together including our eco-friendly garden tip. In addition to what we’ve shared, you’ll learn from many other contributing professionals.

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