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Less Words; More Action

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This is my last every-Friday blog post.

At least for a while.

I’ve decided to channel my garden, food and environmental education outreach efforts in different directions going forward. Part of this change includes redirecting the many hours I have previously spent each week photographing, photo-editing, writing and promoting these blog articles. I’m beginning this week by dedicating my erstwhile blogging time to meeting up with at least one environmental volunteer group coordinator. Once my enrollment begins with this program, and I have interesting educational updates, I’ll endeavor to share them. Maybe here. Maybe not here.

Dunlins flying on Padilla Bay

Less time blogging will mean more time working to protect the environment for our future.

What I will continue to do for readers on a regular basis:

I will continue to send subscribers our monthly newsletter with updates, reminders and members-only special offers.

I will continue to post photos on Pinterest and Instagram (and to a much lesser degree on Facebook and Twitter.)

And, when I have the time or a compelling story to share, I will continue to add to this blog. But, it won’t be every Friday anymore.

If you are sorely disappointed to hear that I’ll be curtailing these blog updates, please let me know via the comment section below or via a private message here. If your reasons and your voices compel me to do otherwise, I might change course. But for now, I’m dedicated to do as much as I can with my limited time and resources for our precious Earth. As we head into a very uncertain future environment, I must try my very best to be the change I wish to see in our world.

Many Thanks,

Robin Haglund

Founder & President, Garden Mentors

4 comments on “Less Words; More Action

  1. Danita Day on

    I think having someone as knowledgeable as you as a volunteer is a wonderful. Changes coming at the national level will likely be bad for the environment and helping at the state and local level will have a needed impact.

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