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Garden Mentors® featured in Growing a Greener World Episode on Garden Coaching

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Garden Coaching TV Show featuring Garden Mentors!

Did you know garden coaching tv shows can teach you all about garden coaching? Not only will you learn why a garden coach like Garden Mentors might be right for you, but you’ll see how garden coaches work. And a great gardening tv program to watch for this is Growing a Greener World gardening televisions program with host Joe Lamp’l aka Joe Gardener!

Filming garden coaching tv episode

Filming garden coaching tv episode for Growing a Greener World with Host Joe Lamp’l & Garden Mentors founder Robin Haglund.

What we set out to share in this garden coaching tv show…

In this program, we set out to spreading the world about how much a garden coach can mean to new, aspiring or even veteran home gardeners. That’s because when Garden Mentors began, one of the most difficult hurdles was messaging the benefits of garden coaching. In fact, when we began, “garden coaching” wasn’t an everyday term.

Garden Mentors knows people love garden coaching!

The messaging problem we faced wasn’t that gardeners didn’t want to learn to garden at home. Rather, the issue was people didn’t realize garden coaches exist.

So this  illuminating episode of Growing a Greener World goes a long way toward spreading the word. And in fact, it has opened up the world of gardening via garden coaches and consultants to the world. That means today the term “garden coaching” isn’t so extra ordinary.

Behind the scenes filming gardening television show

Behind the scenes filming this garden coaching tv episode for Growing a Greener World.

You can watch the show online!

Originally you had to look for this show on your local PBS television station. But today you can watch it online here!

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