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Interested in Classes on Making Herbal Products & Decor Yourself?

We’ve been teaching gardeners interested in classes on making herbal products for years. Not only do we offer online courses in herbalism and herbal making. But we also provide small group,  hands-on sessions in how to make your own herbal body products as well. Plus, we teach ways to transform herbs into home care herbal goods too! As well, we teach crafting wreaths, swags, bundles, and braids from garden botanicals!

Grow Calendula & learn to make herbal products with these flowers

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Begin by signing up to be notified whenever we open enrollment for new online and in-person herbalist classes. That way you’ll be sure to be notified first when we open enrollment. Moreover, you’ll be sure to hear out our best offers before anyone not on the list! Plus, we’ll send you helpful gardening tips, specials, and more to help you grow.

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About Our Classes on Making Herbal Products Begin in the Garden

In addition to teaching you how easy it is to make many herbal products at home, we also teach you about the plants. That means you’ll learn all about growing herbs in your home garden. Moreover, we’ll explain when to harvest herbs at their peak. Plus, we’ll teach you how to properly process and preserve your herbs. That way you’ll be able to make the most of each herb you grow. And you’ll be able to craft homemade herbal products from your harvests over time.

Learn about Foraging for your Home Herbal Apothecary too!

Not every home herbal maker crafts with only homegrown herbs. In fact, many herbalist choose to forage for their ingredients. But, before you begin to gather in the wilds, it’s critical to know exactly what you’re looking for. Or you might end up gathering the wrong plant, which can be dangerous. Too, gathering in unhealthy spots can lead to real problems.
Classes on Making Herbal Products Begins with the Plants
Moreover, understanding and honoring ethical harvesting tenants is equally important. Overharvesting can be a real problem.

So, a big part of what we teach in our classes on making herbal products begins with lessons in gathering wild ingredients the right way.

Learn How to Put your Weeds to Work for you in Your Herbalist Body Products

We really do believe that weeds can be wonderful. And while some may be dangerously toxic, many others are incredible for our bodies. So before you give up on a garden “full of weeds”, let us help you learn how to make the most of them in our herbalist classes!

Get our Complete Current Event Schedule:

The best way to sign up for our currently enrolling classes on making herbal products at home is to visit our events page here. That’s because you’ll find all of our class offerings listed here.

This includes programs on herbalism, all sorts of gardening topics. Plus, if we’re offering any free seminars, we’ll list them on this page too!

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