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Garden & Herbalist Education Programs

April 25, 2019

We have many free garden seminars, free guided nature hikes & free to sliding scale hands-0n herbalist classes. This page offers a quick next-up, easy-reference timeline to help you fill your calendar with our programs and keep track of our other events too.

NWFGF 2020 Speaker Badge

Some programs are free and don’t require registration. Others may require registration (whether free or for-fee). As registration opens up, we’ll update the links here as soon as possible. And, of course, if you want to be notified directly, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list now. That’s your very best bet to get regular updates (especially during our busy spring and summer seasons!) There’s also Robin’s Great Garden Speaker page to follow here.

(This is list will be updated regularly to add new programs & remove past programs.)

  • “Container Wars” Live Design Competition
    • Date: 2/28/2020
    • Time: 11:30am
    • Location: NW Flower & Garden Show, Seattle, WA
    • Cost: Free with admission to NW Flower & Garden Show
  • A Gardener’s Tour of Paris in Spring
    • Date: 2/28/2020
    • Time: 3:30pm
    • Location: NW Flower & Garden Show, Hood Room
    • Cost: Free with admission to NW Flower & Garden Show
  • Herbalicious DIY: Homegrown, Foraged & Handmade
    • Date: 2/29/2020
    • Time: 5pm
    • Location: NW Flower & Garden Show, DIY Stage
    • Cost: Free with admission to NW Flower & Garden Show
  • Padilla Bay Environmental Research Center Upland Trail Walks
    • Dates: March to October 2020 schedule to come
    • Location: Bay View, WA (Skagit County)
    • Additional Details to come
  • San Juan County Master Gardeners 2020 Annual Conference Keynote
    • Date: 10/17/20
    • Location: San Juan Island
    • Etsy Samples & Sales: Robin will be sampling & selling our botanical body goods before & after the club meeting. Cash or check only. Credit/Debit in a pinch.
    • Additional Details to come


  1. R J Nelson says:

    I am looking forward to future classes

  2. RJ – We’re looking forward to seeing you in future classes! 🙂

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