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Garden Tool Giveaway & Seminar

February 05, 2016

Did we really say tool giveaway? Yup! Not only that, but at the 2016 NW Flower & Garden Show, I (Robin) will be presenting a seminar entitled Top Tools for Your Garden Shed.

New, retired gardeners gardening

Young or old. Experienced or newbie gardener. There’s something for everyone in this gardening seminar!

The tool giveaway that happens along with this seminar is courtesy of a number of fantastic vendors like Corona Tools, Timber Press, Fiskars Tools*, Stumpdust, Haven Brand, Sunset Books and many others that have donated some of my favorites to share with you. In fact, I’ll be giving away at least 50 fantastic gardening products to folks who make it to this seminar.  And even if you don’t win something to take home, you’ll win in knowledge!

Top Tools for Your Garden Shed  on February 19, 2016 beginning at 6:45 on the DIY stage at the NW Flower & Garden Show will offer something to gardeners at every skill level.

Newbie gardeners: Learn which tools I suggest my beginning gardener clients add to their collection first, and get an understanding of which tools to use for which jobs. Quality tools aren’t cheap and gardening with the wrong tool for the wrong job can be dangerous, damaging and frustrating. In this seminar, you’ll learn to make smart choices as you start your gardening tool collection.

Corona garden tools

Can you guess which of these tools we’ll giving away as one of our top picks? Join us at NWFGS on 2/19/16 at 6:45pm on the DIY stage to find out & you might get to take’m home! (image courtesy Corona Tools)

Tool collectors: Experienced gardeners know that collecting tools can be addictive. But, even the the most advanced gardeners may not be aware of some of the really groovy and new products I’ll be demonstrating. If you’re a tool addict, this is a not-to-miss talk!

Aging gardeners: I’ll be offering a number of tool suggestions for gardeners whose aches and pains may be limiting their gardening abilities. Today’s tool manufacturers are producing more and more items just for us, so we can keep on digging well into our golden years (whatever those are).

Knowledge is everything: Sometimes a tool isn’t something that digs, cuts or protects our body. Many of our best tools are found on a bookshelf. Thanks to a couple of top garden publishers, I’ll be sharing and giving away a few of these fantastic garden tools too.

Haven Brand Soil Conditioner in Garden

We’ll be giving away tips & tools like this – no $h!t!

Power-up plants: There are numerous tools to help build your soil and beat back some of our worst garden pests. Choosing among them can be overwhelming, confusing and even toxic. In this seminar, I’ll be sharing a few fantastic garden-builders and pest deterrents that are easy to understand and unlikely to cause unwanted side-affects to you or your little piece of the planet.

*Garden Mentors has been a paid contributing writer to Fiskars Tools in the past & has received a number of these tools & products from various vendors for trial purposes. However, we have received no compensation for this post or tool giveaway by Fiskars or other vendors. We are paid a small stipend for speaking at the NW Flower & Garden Show, but payment is not provided for any endorsements or giveaway items.



    I live in the south so I will not be at the show, but I am putting those “aging gardeners tools” on my dream list>> going to ask for that pick as my first choice, will go great with my garden cart/seat that Santa got me.. thank you for that great design!!!

  2. Thanks for writing in Charlotte. Sorry you can’t make the NW Flower & Garden Show. We will miss you! Be sure to check their website after the show where you’ll be able to download our handout (and other handouts) with helpful ideas we’ve shared.

  3. duana mchugh says:

    Love my corona hand tools! Would gladly add a few

  4. Kathy says:

    Wow! Lol email your gardening tools.

  5. Awesome giveaway, I plan on a hugh garden this year. Last year we had a new borned baby so we coudnt plant a garden. I want to start my tomatoes for seeds and intend to plant atleast a 100. Greenbeans will be next on my list . Thank you these tools would come in very handy.

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