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Gardening Workshop Retreat 2018

June 27, 2018

Join us & spend a day learning at our gardening workshop & tour.

In response to seeing our photos and hearing our gardening transformation tales, many clients and followers have requested visits to our garden. So, we’ve decided to offer a one-day educational retreat day here this summer.

Park-like setting

Join us for a day of learning, relaxing & taking in the beauty of our peaceful garden settings like this meditation spot in the Asian-influence park by our water lily filled upper pond.

But, this won’t be a typical “look at the magazine perfection” tour.

Instead, we’ll take a realistic view of the overall space and consider what works, what doesn’t work, opportunities, challenges and the true beauty of a garden always in progress. Too, there will be door prizes, farm-fresh good eats and time to relax in a gorgeous setting.

wild bumblebee on salmon berry

Native plants like this blooming salmon berry & wild fauna like this bumblebee (& lots of hummingbirds) will be featured. Hopefully, frogs & eagles will make an appearance too!

Just a few of the things we’ll explore together:

  • Developing a traditional food garden
  • Thriving in poor, wet soils
  • Is that a weed or what?
  • Perennial food & medicinal plant gardens
  • Taking advantage of water challenges
  • Reducing lawn
  • The ugly truths: weeds, trash, hardscape, pets & more
  • A picnic
  • Exploring the forest
  • Native flora & fauna
  • Invasive flora & fauna
  • A walk in the park
  • Shop our small nursery, hand-crafted goods & more space
  • After the class, pick your own berries
  • Self-guided walk on the Padilla Bay shore trail before or after our program begins

How much does it cost & when is it happening? 

This event happens August 11, 2018. Cost is $200/person, payable in advance. Attendance will be limited, and we are only accepting a few more sign ups as of this writing.

Strawbale garden in spring

Building a critter-resistant vegetable garden on a clay ridge is an on-going project. We’ll look at straw bale & sheet mulching beginnings to a thriving, low-input food-filled space today.

Want to join us?

Get in touch via our contact page indicating your interest in the event asap. We’ll get back to you right away to start your enrollment process.

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