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Growing a Greener World TV in My Garden

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Growing a Greener World Garden TV Show Features Our Garden!

Growing a Greener World TV Show features Garden Mentors  home garden more than once. If you don’t already know this PBS and online gardening program is a popular PBS television program featuring gardeners and gardening.
Joe, Theresa & Robin discussing filming Growing a Greener World gardening in our Gardens

Why would host Joe Lamp’l Feature Our Gardens?

One of the first times Joe visited was to feature our urban honeybees. That’s because beekeeping continues to be a very popular topic for gardeners. So Joe and his Associate Producer Theresa Loe (also of Streamlined & Scaled Podcast fame) coordinated with me to share all things small space gardening with bees!
Growing a Greener World Gardening Guru Joe Lamp'l Working with Director Carl

What happened on our Growing a Greener World Garden filming day?

Well, of course the sun barely came out. And it was really cold. So our hives weren’t very inactive for the Growing a Greener World gardening team. Still, I had a fantastic time sharing my garden and our honeybees. Plus, we had a great time reviewing my insights about gardening urban hives to maintain habitat that supports honeybees and other pollinators.

Want to watch the episode featuring our garden?

If you’d like to check out our garden as featured in this episode, you can watch it online right now here! Be sure to check out all the elements we include in our garden to support not only honeybees but the greater ecology as well. Plus, you’ll get to learn a lot about keeping bees from Corky, the guy who maintained our hives. That’s because we were urban bee hive hosts. And you’ll get to know more about various tips for keeping bees even in a city garden setting.

Want to learn more about gardening for pollinators with our help?

You can sign up to be notified when our gardening programs are open for enrollment. And when you do, you might just some free help right away to help you grow a better garden for pollinators. Plus you’ll be first in line to find out when we offer new programs to help you grow!

10 comments on “Growing a Greener World TV in My Garden

  1. Christine B. on

    Can’t wait to see the show. And congrats on the whole thing being over, it must be such a relief for you not to have to fret about it. The sun won’t come out here either.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Theresa Loe on

    Great write up! We had such a blast filming in your garden yesterday. I just got home to Los Angeles a few hours ago and managed to bring home a jar of Ballard Bee Honey in my suitcase! Can’t wait to open it up and remember the fun we had up in Seattle.

    Thank you for your hospitality. You kept us fed and watered the whole time. We would have run out of steam if it weren’t for your snacks and hand warmers! And thank you for being such an easy subject on camera. You were a dream!

    But most of all thanks for the friendship. It was a real hoot for me to fly up with our team and watch my friend be on our show! Now…get some rest and bask in the glory!

  3. Joe Lamp'l on

    Robin. It was a great afternoon being with you and your garden. You really are a natural for TV and that sure makes the rest of our jobs easier. As Theresa said, between the fantastic garden, the hand warmers, the food…ok, mostly the food, we had an exceptional segment with you. Thanks again and i can’t wait to see it myself.

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