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A Short Nature Meditation for Peace…

At a time when the world has gone sideways, a short nature meditation for peace can really help. So we’ve put together a program that will do more than provide you peace of mind. And you don’t need to go meditate in the forest to enjoy it. Moreover you can enjoy it for free.
Short Nature Meditation for Peace to help you & the world

But we encourage you to consider ways you can make this program part of the greater world good.

How can a short nature meditation for peace help humanity?

Well, you can purchase this program and know that your purchase price will go toward humanitarian efforts! Plus, you can decide how much or how little you wish to pay. In fact, if you can’t afford to pay anything right now, we figure you could probably REALLY use the help this brief respite provides.

How can you start this brief relaxation program right now?

We’ve put together a page to explain all the details. This includes more details on why we put this meditation program together. And it goes into why we love meditating in nature.

Most importantly, we’ll explain how your purchase will be donated to help those in need in war-torn regions. But, to be clear, if you prefer to make your donations directly, we do provide ways for you to access this program too. Further, if you can’t spend a penny, we will give you access anyway. That’s because we believe everyone deserves a chance to take a deep breath, enjoy nature, and try to relax.

Plus, we’re pretty sure that everyone who builds peaceful internal spaces is doing good work to help craft a more peaceful and loving world for all.

Lastly, get all the details on this short nature meditation for peace program here right now.

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