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Native Edible Plants: An Historical Look at Indigenous Use

January 23, 2012

Native Evergreen Huckleberry Begins Its Long Bloom Season to be Followed by Delicious Berries

Seattle’s Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture is featuring an exhibit illustrating native plants and indigenous people of the Salish region. It is a collaborative effort between the museum and the tribes, which are working to re-infuse their diets with traditional foods.  And, this is only a small part of a larger exhibit that will introduce museum patrons to 10 families eating in 10 different countries around the world.

The Pacific Northwest Native feature, Salish Bounty: Traditional Native American Foods of Puget Sound, should prove to be particularly interesting to those of us in the region seeking to infuse our gardens with native, edible plants. While the larger exhibition, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, will explore the larger issue of eating in the modern world.

The exhibit runs from January 28, 2012 – June, 10, 2012. The museum is open 10am-5pm; the first Thursday of the month, they stay open until 8pm and admission is free on this day.  Additional details available here.

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