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Northwest Flower and Garden Show Opens Tomorrow

February 17, 2009

Tonight’s the Arbor Eden fundraiser gala opening for the garden show. Tomorrow the show itself opens up, and sadly this may be the last year. During this week every horticultural professional is going to be slammed. I’m no exception. In addition to running Garden Mentors, where I focus on providing premiere garden coaching and award-winning landscape designs in the greater Seattle area, I’ll be attending the garden show as much as possible. And, not only will I be attending, but I’ll also be speaking over the weekend and hosting the WSNLA show garden for a few shifts.

Waterfeature in 2008 NWFGS Show Garden

Waterfeature in 2008 NWFGS Show Garden

If you’re planning to attend the show, I hope you’ll drop by one of my seminars. Remember, kids under 5 get in free, and free, on-site child care is provided in case you need some time without the little ones to shop!

Who Wants Garbage for Dinner? The Wonderful Way of Worms!
Saturday, February 21st at 2pm & Sunday, February 22nd at 2pm
Summary: As we worry about building a better environment for the future, we should start teaching our children ways they can contribute.  In this lively hands-on session for kids and parents, we?ll look at the ?naked-eye? creatures that come to live in worm bins!  How do worms eat our garbage, and what comes out when they?re done munching on fruit and vege scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells.  Kids will love this, and parents will too!

More on Vermicomposting and Robin garden coaching kids here.
Got Dogs? Gardening with Canine Companions
Sunday, February 22nd at 9:45am
Summary: Does your dog enjoy your garden even more than you do?  Gardeners who share their gardening spaces with canine companions face special challenges like spotty lawns, chewed shrubs, unwanted planting bed excavations, trampled perennials, and poopy piles in all the wrong places. Join gardening coach Robin Haglund, who has cared for dozens of dogs and solved a multitude of dog challenges, and Lisa Wogan, author of Dog Park Wisdom and Unleashed, for useful tips and training tricks to bring the best out of the garden you share with your best doggie pals.

I hope to have time during the week to add garden show update posts here. And, I’ll try to resist the urge to put out too many spoilers after attending the gala tonight!


  1. Melanthia says:

    Hmm, that dog talk sounds tempting, as does everything else of course. There’s always so much to see. How sad that it has to end.

  2. rhaglund says:

    Don’t give up yet. When the announcement came out, apparently more interested buyers came forward, so all is not lost. They’re giving it until the end of March. So, it could still be sold! And, yes, so much fun stuff to do!

  3. Karen says:

    Hi and hope you have fun in the midst of all the hard work. I’m only able to attend tomorrow, and for a short time at that, so I’m sorry to miss your talks. Fingers crossed they find that buyer or consortium to keep this going!

  4. rhaglund says:

    Have fun at the show Karen. Tell us what you like the most afterwards. There are some beautiful show gardens this year…more on that in another post coming soon…

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