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Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Top Reasons to Go

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If you haven’t been to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show…

I’m here to convince you that attending the Northwest Flower and Garden Show should be on your bucket list. And that’s especially true if you’re a gardener. But, even if you’ve never grown any kind of garden, this show is a stunning experience for anyone.

Still not convinced?

We’ve put together curated top features you don’t want to miss at this year’s premiere NW Garden Festival!

metal gate at Northwest flower and garden show

The NEW Northwest Flower & Garden Show Features for 2024:

  1. No Tickets Required, Free to Everyone Plant Academy lectures focused on plants. Seriously, you can attend these presentations without paying anything! (Everything else is ticketed, but if you need a free ticket, we might have a way for you here.)
  2. Herbal Happy Hour Mixology on the Main Stage – Garden Mentors demos, special giveaways & more Thurs & Saturday. (In-depth mixology lessons on the DIY Stage on Friday)
  3. Cocktail & mocktails available all day long – belly up to the bar & order delicious drinks (likely curated versions derived from our Herbal Happy Hour Garden to Glass class)
  4. Gardening influencer superstar meet ups – grab your seat early (with a sip from the bar in hand) for Main Stage conversations with Eliza Blank, founder of The Sill & Kevin Espiritu founder of Epic Gardening! (Eliza on Thursday; Kevin on Saturday – each immediately follows our Herbal Happy Hour Mixology demos!)
  5. Plant People Panels – On stage experts discussing relevant gardening topics & leaving time for audience Q&A
  6. The Main Stage is bringing it home! Actually, gardening speakers, influencers & exhibitors will gather to discuss & introduce you to their “best of the show’s best” that you’ll want to bring home to your garden.

Perennial top 10 reasons to attend the NW Flower & Garden Festival:

  1. You want to speed-date a few horticultural societies before deciding which ones to join.
  2. Your honey doesn’t want cliché long stem red roses and baby’s breath for Valentine’s Day – again. (So give NWFGS tickets & spend time together!)
  3. You’ve always wondered what an indoor garden built on top of I-5 and based on sawdust really looks like.
  4. Over 100 (or so) amazing garden seminars that have continued to include Robin of Garden Mentors for over a decade! All free with admission!
  5. You want to propose on or near Valentine’s Day & choose your favorite local, award-winning florist in the same romantic venue. Perhaps while you arrange flowers & sip champagne in a Blooms & Bubbles hands-on workshop.
  6. You’re guaranteed a hand massage from the Aloe-hand cream vendors (every time you walk by).
  7. Garden Wars. The battle will not be televised (& sadly, the negative name will not be changed.)
  8. You like to shop.  Whether its funky junk, glassy bling, some of that massage-y good aloe cream, a plant, a saw blade, a book or even a greenhouse. You just like to shop.
  9. Family time treasure hunts, followed by a relaxing glass of “mommy-only grape juice” in view of the grand show gardens is exactly your style.
  10. Some years might get a bird’s eye view of a Seattle Seahawks win the Superbowl Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade.

Looking for Northwest Flower & Garden Show Free Tickets?

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Northwest Flower and Garden Show View of Seattle Seahawk Victory Parade 2014

View of the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Victory Parade from the
NWFGS Skybridge after the Seahawks big win in 2014.

3 comments on “Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Top Reasons to Go

  1. Sandy on

    I’m so sad I can’t make it this year, but a tip for those who are! Download the LikeThat Garden app on your iPhone or iPad. If you see a flower that you don’t know, the app lets you take a photo and it’ll tell you it’s name! (Promotional Link removed at discretion of Garden Mentors inc)

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