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A Decade of NWFGS Seminars with Us

January 25, 2019

It’s amazing how quickly ten years of speaking at NWFGS, aka the Northwest Flower and Garden Show/Festival has flown by. This year, 2019, marks the 10th year I (Robin) have been invited to speak at the show. Gulp!

NWFGS Garden of Fragrant Delights Plant

Join us to learn about growing fragrant delights like this in your garden & enjoying them indoors fresh & preserved as well.

I hope you’ll join me at the newly branded NW Flower & Garden Festival on Sunday, February 24th at 2:15pm in the Rainier Room for Growing a Garden of Fragrant Delights.

Want to get into NWFGS  for free in 2019?

(You’re still welcome to subscribe for free, but this offer is no longer available to new subscribers.)

Be sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list before February 1, 2019 for a chance at our subscriber-only free ticket opportunity!

This year I’m super excited to be speaking about growing fragrance in our gardens, being thoughtful about placement of some super stinky plants, appreciating wild aromas, and bringing the delicious scents of nature into our homes in fresh and preserved forms in ways that may be healing as well as aromatic. I’ll also be sharing samples of the handmade products crafted from fragrant garden delights that we now sell in our GardenMentorsDesigns Etsy Shop!

Before I became a NWFGS speaker, I was involved with the show in many other ways. Over the years, I worked with some amazing folks to create award-winning show gardens. I’ve coached clients in their award-winning floral creations and City Living Displays.

NWFGS Floral Designer Mari Malcolm at work

In 2015 my dear friend & garden coaching client Mari Malcolm stunned NWFGS audiences with her award-winning floral wedding cake design. I had the honor of visiting her & cheering her on as she crafted her groundbreaking work of floral art.

No matter how I participated in the show each year — as a tourist in my pre-participant years or as a show garden volunteer in my student (and later years) or as a designer or speaker in my professional years — the NW Flower & Garden Show always been an annual highlight and honor for me.

For fun, here’s a recap of my decade of NWFGS Seminars: 

I wonder, how many of my NWFGS seminars have you attended over the years?

2009: Who Wants Garbage for Dinner Gardening with Canine Companions

2010: Ornamedibles: Ornamenting Your Garden with Edible Plants &
Who Wants Garbage for Dinner?

2011: So You Want to Be a Beekeeper?  &  Who Wants Garbage for Dinner?

2012: Murder, Mayhem & Must-nots: Top 10 Gardening Mistakes & How NOT to Make Them

2013: Gardening for Pollinators

2014: Shut the Greenhouse Door & Gardening to Diminish Diabetes

2015: Gardening to Diminish Diabetes & Bring Beneficial Bees to Your Backyard

2016: Growing a Year Round Hummingbird Habitat Garden 
Top Tools for Your Garden Shed

2017: Don’t Let Moving Scare the Plants Out of You & Container Wars! &
Gardening Tools and Techniques to Make Your Life Easier

2018:  Retire into Your Garden with Ease &
Is That a Weed or What? &
Is Beekeeping Right for You?

2019: Growing a Garden of Fragrant Delights — see you at the show!


  1. Kathy Juracek says:

    I look forward to your seminars!

  2. Thanks Kathy! Looking forward to having you there!

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