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Pacific Northwest Gardening Magazine

New Pacific Northwest Gardening Magazine!

Gardening, Cooking & Living Well in the PacNW is the headline for Pacific Northwest Gardening Magazine, Colibri.  And Garden Mentors founder Robin Haglund was invited to contribute her gardening expertise in the inaugural issue of this new gardening magazine. So this was one more new way we had been there to help you grow your gardening skills.

Unfortunately, Colibri magazine has closed its doors. But our online library is still here for you. And we offer loads of great information you’d want to find in a Pacific Northwest gardening magazine. Plus, our articles are free!

Anna's hummingbirds in Pacific Northwest garden, not a gardening magazine!Did you say Hummingbirds?

As you may or may not know “Colibri” is the French word for Hummingbird. And there’s a whole backstory about why the publisher chose this word for this PacNW Gardening magazine’s name.

What’s kind of interesting about this name to us…

Hummingbirds don’t even live in France! They’re creatures of the Americas. But hummingbirds do live in the Pacific Northwest, thank goodness.

And here at Garden Mentors we talk about gardening for hummingbirds a lot. In fact, one of Robin’s most popular gardening seminars is about exactly that — Growing Your Year Round Hummingbird Habitat Garden. (Want to book her for your speaking event?  Get in touch here.)

What’s our Contribution to this Pacific Northwest Gardening Magazine?

For the first issue of Colibri Magazine, Robin was asked to provide an article about gardening from seeds. More specifically, the editor asked her to write about seed starting indoors in winter. That’s because this magazine launched in February at the NW Flower & Garden Festival in Seattle, WA. And this is when a lot of PacNW gardeners are starting to sow seeds indoors for their spring-summer gardening season.

While checking out this magazine is a great idea…

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