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Seattle Area Spring Plant Sales

April 01, 2008

Looking for a list of 2009 Plant Sales? Check here!

Even though I keep waking up to frosty rooftops and occasionally watch snow mixed with rain falling from the sky as storms roll through, now is the time of year to watch for great plant sales. Nurseries begin sending out coupons, various garden club plant sale signs begin popping up on street corners, and the “regular” seasonal sale schedule reminders start showing up in the mail. Following are a few of my favorite spring sales. Consider hitting a few yourself!

If you have a favorite plant sale in the greater Seattle area that isn’t listed here, please let me know here, and I will be glad to share it with our readers.

If you’re looking for the 2009 plant sale list, it will be posted soon. It may be sunny and warm in Seattle at the moment, but it isn’t quite time to put those baby starts out in the garden just yet. Please check in again soon, or fill out the gardenhelp form here to request notification of up-coming sales.

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  1. […] an odd-ball just for fun called ‘Black Krim’.  I picked all but the patio up at the Tilth Edible Sale earlier this […]

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