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Autumn is Coming

September 02, 2016

August went out with one big, wet, ragingย Hurrah! in our garden — a sure sign autumn is coming. All-night lightening, thunder and raging downpours hammering onto our roof and surging into leaf-clogged gutters turned the calendar page from August to September.

Abundant rain runoff

When a heavy rain hits hard following summer’s drought, streams are easily overloaded. Not the case in this well-managed culvert.

Remnants of the storm lingered in the early September 1stย morning. Streams raced through downhill culverts. Below, a previously low pond now lapped at its brim. And, the scents ofย autumn had washed away the dirt-dry smell of a departing long, hot summer.

Cutleaf blackberry fruit & fall color

As summer turns to fall, blackberries may still offer fruit, but its likely to be pithy. But isn’t the leaf color lovely this time of year?

We’re certain to revisit hot, dry days again before fall really arrives in earnest.

Queen Anne's lace seeds

Flowers transform into beautiful seed pods by late summer. Soon, a windy day will send these Queen Anne’s lace seeds far & wide to sprout next year & offer ideal breeding grounds for beneficial soldier beetles & other insects.

But early storms and other harbingers of fall are a good reminder that soon it will be time to get new plants in the ground, renovate (or transition away from) lawn, rake leaves, plant spring bulbs, mulch and all those other tasks best completed in our all-to-brief autumns.

Aster subspicatus Douglas aster

Wild asters like this Douglas’ aster (A. subspicatus) blooming at the shore is sure sign summer is winding down.

Right now. Drink in the last of summer. Harvest. Preserve. Play croquet. Take a walk to soak up all the late summer goodness around you. Watch for bird migrations beginning. Pick berries. Chase frogs. Have fun!

wild crabapples ripening

Tiny wild crabapples begin to flush color as they ripen in late summer. Soon cedar waxwings, starlings & other fruit-loving birds will flock to the trees & gorge themselves on these sweet morsels.

And make your gardening plans to hit the ground running when summer really, truly, finally says good-bye.


  1. Alan Burke says:

    These are great photos. Thank you for being such a prolific contributor…

  2. Thanks for dropping by Alan. It means a lot to know you’re enjoying this blog!

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