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Blame Me for the Freeze

January 11, 2012
Winter Blooming Garrya

Garrya elliptica beginning to break bud

Yesterday flurries. Today frozen lawns. And, by Sunday, we may have real snow.

This on the heels of a very mild winter. So mildĀ  that bud casings are expanding, loosening and breaking open weeks early on many winter bloomers, leaving these otherwise hearty plants susceptible to any big weather fluxes — like the cold and snow the forecasters are predicting.

So, why blame me? I can’t really control the weather right?

Well, I got way behind on my fall gardening chores. My biggest regret? Not getting my garlic in the ground before November.

Yep, not practicing what I preach.

Garlic planting

Late Planted Garlic

But, because my seed garlic was still firm and the weather has been so mild, I put it in the ground last weekend. Why let it go to waste? Might as well get any of those last bulbs planted, right?

Sure…unless it freezes and gets super soggy and everything rots before it can set root.

So, yep, you can blame me for the change in weather. I took a risk, and it looks like Mother Nature decided she’d throw a wrench into my late throw of the gardening dice.

Maybe all that garlic will rot. Maybe it will perform great and just come in a little late. Some is planted directly in the garden beds. Another bunch is in a big pot, which I’ll move into the greenhouse today to give it a little protective edge. I’ll be kicking myself come spring and summer (and all the way through next winter) if I don’t get any garlic.

And we’ll see. Maybe it won’t snow. Those forecasters have certainly been wrong before.

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