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Hollywood Groot or Forest Groot?

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Erase the image of Groot you have from the movies. You know, he’s the alien plant-man horties like us would love to see win an Academy Award. Instead, take a hike. Look up in a tree, and perhaps you’ll see the real Groot watching over you. I’m fairly certain that’s exactly who I spotted while hiking through Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC a few days ago. (He’s self-anthropomorphized, so don’t even start in on that, please.)

Oscar Groot or Forest Groot?

“We are Groot!” Could this face in a tree be the face of Groot watching a trail & grove?

Thanks to the stranger on the trail who saw me photographing the bare Garry Oaks in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. He asked if I’d seen “the face in the tree downhill.” I hadn’t seen it, and I never would have had he not said there was a (paraphrasing) “Shakespearean face peering down from the knot of a tree.” Intrigued, I looked carefully as I retraced my steps down the trail, and sure enough, this face was hard to miss, watching over a grove of endangered Quercus garryana.

When I saw the face, my immediate and recurring thought: “We are Groot!”

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