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Guest Blogger and Certified Arborist Katy on Losing a Tree

February 26, 2009

Today a big tree fell in our yard. I didn’t hear it.

Katy's Fallen Tree - That Was Close!

Katy's Fallen Tree - That Was Close!

I was simply taking some food waste to the compost and there it was in all its glory, on the ground. I have to say that my first reaction was, “Huh, I have to figure out why that happened.” My second reaction was “Holy crap that came close to the house!”.

Just looking and observing trees for any length of time can get you thinking, well, should hopefully get you thinking. As I stood there peering at it (think Sherlock Holmes) I came to the conclusion that the lesson to be learned was that trees really don’t live in a bubble. They don’t have a clue about property boundaries. This tree actually fell from our neighbors property and I have to say I did the classic double take of thinking I’d never even seen that tree before and I look at my trees A LOT. I found this slightly amusing because I’m always peering around the corner, over the fence or across the street to see who or what else is affected (or affecting) the specimen I’m evaluating at a client’s house. This failure just gently reminded me to keep that up.

So if you’re wondering about your trees, don’t forget to take a broader look at what else is around when you are musing your way through the garden. You might just see something that catches your eye that’s news to you!

1 Comment

  1. Karen says:

    Wow, glad nobody was hurt or the house wasn’t damaged! I just did a post today about trees that fell at my parents’ place. Pretty lucky when they fall on nothing much. Wonder why it came down, diseased or ?? Hope they take care of it soon so you’re not tripping over it forever!

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