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Muck This!

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Muck! is my favorite four letter gardening word.

Gardening in muck what we face much of the year in the Pacific Northwest. That means muck’s what I wear for about 10+ months of the year.  Given this, I pretty much own the term.

So Muck-it!

I’m using this term with abandon from here on out.

Gardening in muck means being covered in mucking muck!

What’s a Mucker to wear in the muck?

When the first day of autumn (I mean late summer) comes round in the upper left, you’ll find gardeners  sporting rain gear and a stocking cap.

That means I’m sporting this look for most of the gardening year.

But the truth is, I don’t gardening in this mucking get-up, especially when its covered in, yep, you guessed it: muck.


Well, my thick, curly hair sticks up in all sorts of frizzy ugliness. And gardening in muck means my fingernails are no longer a healthy gardener’s green. Instead, they’re all mucked in shades of black and brown.

Frankly, I look like a mother-muckin’ mess most of the time I’m working in the field.

Except in summer when I’m not gardening in muck. That’s when I can get away with capris and no hat. But, summer’s one muckin’ short season ’round here.

Gardening in Muck Shoes

When you’re consulting in gardens in the rain, that’s the muckin’ truth of it!

We garden muckers may take a shower to get all clean in the morning. But then we pull on the same old stained jeans. And quite likely we wore them the day before — assuming you didn’t slip and land in the mucking mud.

Then, you put on another layer of outerwear. And it’s ikely shedding the dusty remnants of yesterday’s mucky job.

Finally, you cram your fit into your gardening shoes. Likely they’reencrusted with layers of drying muck. So hopefully, you’ve got everything you need. Otherwise, you might end up dashing through the house in those crud-spreading work boots.

Then you’re likely to find yourself yelling “muck-me” as you turn around to find your trail of crust lingering under foot.

Why keep mucking around with gardening this way?

Well, honestly, when I’m coated in muck, I’m as happy as a pig in $h!t.

Sure, I may grumble “Muck This” on occasion. But really, it’s fun to be outside, slipping around, getting filthy. In fact, I think I’d really be mucked if I had to sit in an office all day long.

So muck it!

Bring on the rain. Bring on the mud. Without both of them, our gardens might not become muck.

And really, muck shouldn’t always get such a bad rap!

In truth swampy, goopy muck is what garden life is made of! So get bogged down in the goop. And rejoice in undrained swamps!

It takes the rain, meeting the soil to renew life. Rotting organic matter makes the world go round. (Even if it makes you slippery & mucky)

So in some ways, rain really is the great mother mucker — just in a better way than our garden mucking curses may make them sound.

4 comments on “Muck This!

  1. Jessi on

    I love LOVE this post. Just today I was grumbing about the same thing when I took my dirty Muck’s off in someone’s house after being at a jobsite where I tromped through mud. This post is why I care less about clothes and looking fashionable – I’m just covered in mud at the end of the day anyways 😉

  2. Sherrie on

    GREAT blog post for today! It’s that mucking time of year, which seems to arrive faster each year, and some days feels like it never ends while in the midst of the muck season. Hit nail/head today! 🙂

  3. Karen Brandon on

    Thank you for the chuckle this morning and the opportunity to sign up again. I was dropped a few weeks ago for not going on line, but I have a whole file folder on my computer with all your newsletters. I have been very ill and slowly getting better. The quick chuckle definitely helped my mood this morning.

  4. Garden Mentors on

    Karen, Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m so glad you’re back in the swing of things with us as an email subscriber! And I’m glad you got a good giggle out of this one!

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