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Views of Napa in Spring

March 26, 2013

Following the San Francisco Garden Show, I took off on a quick vacation to Napa where spring is in full swing. In the morning of our one full day there,  I walked to the coffee shop to order a morning latte. Outside, the warming air was filled with the fragrance of my Northern California childhood in summer — something indescribable and distinctive and evocative of times gone by. With one whiff, I closed my eyes and let my mind travel back in time to cool, early summer mornings tramping through the fields to bridle my pony and spend the entire day riding through fields of weedy wildflowers and lonely oak trees. Traveling through time on in aromatic dream was the perfect way to begin our day of rejuvenation.

Before we parked ourselves beside the pool to soak up the sun, we enjoyed a brief hike through the resort’s adjacent vineyard where I captured a few shots of the season to share:

Vineyard Grapes in Spring

Vineyard Grapes breaking bud in the Spring Sunshine in Napa

Barbed Wire Fence

Rusty Barbed Wire in the fields filled with wildflowers, clover & grasses

Wild Mustard Flowers

Wild Mustard blooming yellow brightens the fields

Lady Beetle Adult & Larvae

A hatch of lady beetles in the field below aphid-filled mustard


  1. cat says:

    Sigh…what a wonderful morning…I can smell it too and OH that sun! Safe travels.

  2. Thanks Cat. We had a great visit. It sure was nice to come home to such a beautiful day on Monday!

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