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Some Things Really Do Get Better with Age

January 19, 2012
45 MPH

I'm Driven to Age Well!

Whether I like it or not, I’m going to turn 45 this year. I can’t turn back the clock or erase the wrinkles. But, I can celebrate the fact that I’ve been blessed with over four decades of a relatively healthy & happy life. In general, my life has improved with age. And, it would seem the same is true of a fantastic tool that came to life the same year I did.

Today Fiskars tool company reminded me that their iconic, lightweight, ground-breaking Original Orange-Handed Scissors are celebrating their 45th birthday just like me!

To celebrate, Fiskars is offering a number of events, drawings and some pretty cool give-away’s, including one with us detailed at the end of this post. As for the events, personally, I can’t wait to see the guest spot they’ve lined up with outstanding topiary gardener Pearl Fryar slated for February 27, 2012!

I grew up in a house where these special scissors were off-limits to the likes of me — a kid with a penchant for digging holes in the garden or grooming my pet goat with mom’s best sewing scissors. Although I wasn’t allowed to ruin Mom’s shears, I can’t remember a time before those orange handled tools existed.  Once I graduated from the round-tipped, useless preschooler-friendly kid scissors that can’t even cut paste, I was relegated to using Mom’s old, dull, clunky, heavy shears to do my cutting damage. How I pined for the light, sharp ones. When I grew up, these were the ones I bought.

45 Year Anniversary of DesignAnd I loved using them for much more grown-up endeavors. At least until my hands became more and more debilitated over the years.

Using traditional scissors, even lightweight, sharp ones, can be awkward for me these days. My hands are somewhat damaged from years of heavy, thoughtless use. Fortunately, Fiskars has never stopped thinking, innovating and developing for people struggling with arthritis and other limitations like mine,  which make traditional tools tough to use.

Their line of Easy-Action shears shows that even the best products can be improved upon. By no means do I wish to say that the original is any less good than this line, which has been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Easy-of-Use Commendation. What I do mean to say is that even if we have broken new ground, redefined an industry, and created a world-class product, there’s no excuse for resting on our laurels.

And, fortunately, Fiskars has created these scissors that enable my rhematoid arthritis-suffering Mom to easily open bags of potting soil and snip bouquets. Heck! She’s the one who told me how rockin’ these tools are. When I got a pair, I knew she was right. As Mom had put it:  “When I try to use regular scissors, it?s like trying to write with the wrong hand.” With these newer styles, that’s never a problem!

Sometimes reinventing ourselves & avoiding stagnation really does ensure we get better with age.

To celebrate our shared 1967 birth and 45 years of scissor innovation, I’m teaming with Fiskars to offer you a chance to win a pair of the Original Orange-Handed Scissors or a pair of my favorite Easy Action Scissors.

Here’s how to enter & how a winner will be chosen: (don’t forget to sign up here for additional chances to win directly from Fiskars.)

Add your comment below (on this blog post only)  indicating which style of scissor you would prefer to win and why. Creativity will be rewarded! All comment entries must be received by midnight (PST), February 1, 2012 & must be submitted with a means by which we can contact you; others will be eliminated. Using our own purely subjective judgement, we will select and post the winners on this blog on Friday, February 3, 2012 by midnight (PST). **Again, extra points for creativity in your entries!

Check by on 2/3/2012 to see if you’re a winner! One pair of each type of scissor will be given away. Winners will receive one scissor only.

**Full Disclosure: Garden Mentors inc is a paid writer for Fiskars. No payment has been received for this blog post or giveaway. Fiskars does provide tools for our trials and consideration, at our discretion.

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